BTS performed ‘Life Goes On’ in ‘Good Morning America’

BTS shows off a spectacular performance of Life Goes On in the show Good Morning America.

As per the November 23 episode of the popular morning talk show of ABC, BTS performed and sat down for an interview.

The group showed a heart-warming performance of Life Goes On, the title track of its new album BE that came out last Friday.

Working its best during the quarantine

During the interview, the host asked the group members how they have been doing while on quarantine together.

RM shared that they are doing their best, and they have been preparing for their recent virtual concert and making music in the studio.

The host also asked the group what kind of impact did the pandemic affect their music. RM replied that they would not produce their album BE and their single Dynamite if not because of the pandemic.

If the pandemic were not here, the group would have been on their planned world tour. Also, they should be now giving excitement and enjoyment to all their fans worldwide.

Jimin commented that their album BE wanted to convey hope to the world but in a completely different manner and tone from their single Dynamite.

Regarding its new single Life Goes On, it reflects their emotions and thoughts at the moment.

BTS miss the ARMY so much

V and RM also shared how difficult it feels not to be able to be with their fans. They said that they felt sad, and RM added that they are doing their best to keep in touch with them. Jungkook exclaimed that they could not wait to meet everyone.

Moreover, V added that they miss the ARMY so much. They are using Weverse to keep connected with their fans.

However, BTS wanted to meet them in person. Lastly, RM added as closing that they hope to see the ARMYs in America someday.


Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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