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BTS promises fans to release good songs after ‘BE Essential Edition’


After BTS released the “essential edition” of their latest smash BE, BTS promised their fans to release new songs as soon as possible.

On February 19, at around 5 pm KST, BTS finally dropped the “essential edition” of their latest BE version. Later that day, under the title “BE.T.S.,” the Bangtan Boys hosted a Livestream event via V Live.

The group’s latest album was introduced with the heart of repaying fans around the world for writing a meaningful history with them. And also for making them top the Billboard Hot 100 and winning nominations for the 2021 Grammy Awards.

The group’s meaningful album

During the live broadcast, J-Hope shared that the album was re-released in a new version. “There are stickers and meanings… It’s a meaningful album for us, too,” he added. Moving on, the idol who just turned 27 expressed his sincere mind for ARMY, saying that it’s nice to communicate as a group. “We have the hearts to show how we’re doing as often as possible. I love you. I hope you take good care of your health.”

Furthermore, the septet also mentioned the group’s plans for new songs. The golden maknae, Jungkook, said that he thinks what’s essential to a singer is to sing well. Also, it is vital to dance well, communicate with fans, and release a good album. The idol also spilled that their “good songs” are coming out one by one. “We’ll come back with good songs.” RM went on teasing fans, saying that they can look forward to it.

Suga on the update of his condition

Moreover, on Suga’s rehabilitation, he briefly updated fans saying that he is working hard and it isn’t as easy as he thought. The idol revealed that he is exercising the best he can so he can return to his fans. He reassured his fans as he said that he’s gotten much better, and as a group, they will be doing their best to show their fans a complete group performance.

Finally, RM ended the talk in the live broadcast as he said that the situation (COVID-19) is getting better, and let’s have trust in a better situation. “And we’re practicing hard, exercising, rehabilitating, and preparing good music, so it would be nice if you guys could wait a little longer. Till then, take good care of your health, and we love you,” the BTS leader concluded.

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