BTS received 2020 Music Innovator Award

BTS talks about its career and the meaning of innovation as they received the 2020 Music Innovator Award from WSJ Magazine.

The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Magazine recently celebrated its 10th Annual Music Innovator Awards in November, and it chose BTS as the 2020 Music Innovator.

The group members talked about their thoughts in a video as part of the ceremony. The talk show host James Corden introduced each of the BTS members.

BTS compared to The Beatles

The Korean-American TV personality David Change also shared his excitement for BTS’s success, and he compared their global popularity to The Beatles.

Jin started by accepting the honor to be compared to the Beatles. RM described the group as “seven normal kids who love music and performance. Their dream is to give hope, love, positivity, and inspiration to all the people in the world.


Messages for everyone

Jimin commented on what makes the group more unique: the members have a connection with their fans. Jungkook added that they could send a message to the listeners is such a huge honor already.

J-Hope shared their “Love Yourself, Speak Yourself” message. BTS put out the message and dedicated for their listeners.

Jin commented that when he was a student, he could not love himself. But as he starts working, he received so much love from them.

V said that people worldwide are going through difficult times, but as life gets more challenging, the more the people should brighten up. They should use these moments as something to load up their optimism and drive.

What is “innovation” for them?

Talking about the meaning of innovation, RM describes the word as a thrill or more like “not explored.” As per Suga, innovation means never stopping. He thinks that the most important thing is that it is always changing. It is ever-evolving.

Jungkook said that when someone realizes something even from the most modest achievements can be a form of innovation.

Lastly, Jimin added that it is when working incessantly towards a challenge and the feeling of accomplishment from what is achieved.


Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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