BTS shares what makes them humble beyond success

For the first time, BTS spoke to Indian media to talk about music’s role in this pandemic and revealed what keeps them grounded.

BTS and NDTV chat candidly for the first time. There, the septet talked about its current situation in the pandemic and how they remained inspired and grounded. The BTS members also shared a special message for the Indian ARMY.

The role of the coronavirus pandemic

The group was asked how they dealt with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and music’s role in the current situation. Suga then responded that it is encouraging for them to hear how their music gave people energy in these difficult times.

“I think the way to overcome this is to all pull ourselves together. I think music transcends barriers more than ever during this global pandemic, nationality, and age,” Suga said.

Staying humble despite all the achievements

During the talk, the boy band was also asked how they have managed to stay grounded beyond their achievements, break many huge music records charts, and earn a worldwide audience’s love.

Jungkook shared many amazing things they have achieved that they can’t make sense of yet. Also, there are various factors on how they have reached this far.

Jungkook believed that it is because of the ARMY’s love and support that they made the seemingly impossible things to become possible.

 “That’s the most vital thing that keeps us grounded,” Jk added.

BTS members to Indian Fans

The fandom of BTS in India is notably significant, just like many other countries. However, not a group has never visited the country yet and host a concert.

Indian fans have been wishing that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V will be meeting them. With the septet’s talk on NDTV, it seems like, after the pandemic, the dream to watch BTS perform in India could finally come true.

The Korean superstars confessed that they would want to visit India and meet the fans.  RM shared that if the time passes by, and when the coronavirus pandemic subsides, they want to visit India and see all the ARMYs there.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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