BTS Shock: In The Soop with BTS video teases for Season 2


BTS’s In The Soop may be getting a new season!

Fans have been waiting for In The Soop to return with a new season including BTS members. In partnership with HYBE, the JTBC network created BTS In The Soop, a reality program that features members of BTS performing things that are “somewhere in between regular life and leisure.”

It first aired on JTBC on August 19, 2020, and was repeated every Wednesday thereafter. On Weverse, you may purchase an expanded edition of the series.

Throughout the eight episodes, viewers witnessed members of BTS go about their daily lives in the midst of a forest free from technology, travelling from one location to another, playing games, painting, and playing with animals, among other things.

This concept of a variety program featuring members of one of the world’s top boy bands enjoying leisure activities drew in fans.

Will BTS return for a second season?

On August 30, In The Soop’s official account shared an animated video with BTS’ song Zeo O’Clock playing in the background as one animated figure sat by a fire in a wilderness eating marshmallows.

“On days when you’re exhausted and tired for no cause, At 12 o’clock at night, the globe appears to hold its breath,” they captioned the image. For a time, we’ll rest in our own forest.”

HYBE also announced the debut of a new edition of the program, dubbed In The Soop, including all of their label’s artists earlier this month. Seventeen was the first to have their own version of the program, with the first episode premiering on Weverse on August 29, 2021. On August 30, 2021, fans will be able to watch the show live on JTBC Network.

Season 2 is being manifested by fans

Fans of BTS have been hoping for a new season with BTS members, and this new video might be a hint to one. As they projected a Season 2 for BTS In The Soop, one fan stated, Prayer circle with armies. “In the soop season 2 hopefully implies more vhope giggles,” remarked another.

“No because if we get a BTS in the Soop season 2 it means we get more domestic husband Yoongi and seeing him love his boys,” one ecstatic fan explained.


Image courtesy of BTS Lyrics/YouTube

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