BTS Suga will leave to his bandmates the promotions of new album ‘BE’

It’s a bit of sad news for those who biased Suga among the BTS members as he will not be seen in the group’s further promotional activities for their upcoming album.

Big Hit Entertainment divulged that BTS Suga underwent surgery last November 3 and is currently taking a rest to regain energy and be ready for the next battles.

Most ARMYs, if not all, have already known that Suga had suffered an accident long before debuting as a member of BTS.

This caused him trouble and pain for a very long time now. Formerly, Suga worked in a part-time job as a delivery person. However, he met an unfortunate accident that dislocated his shoulders.

The time came that the pain Suga felt is unbearable, and he was told that it would become worse if he does not go through surgery.

The good news is the surgery was successfully done. However, for Suga’s complete recovery, the doctor ordered an uninterrupted long rest period for him.

Bearing the pain for a long time

The ARMYs observed during the BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concert something about the arms of Suga.

Although he didn’t let anything stop him from performing and his energy was superbly high, the eagle-eyed fans saw that he couldn’t raise both of his arms.

There was a point in the event where the members bowed down at the end of the performance.

With a bow kicking-off with both arms raised, Suga couldn’t make it like the rest of the members. Both Jin and V seemed aware that Suga was not going to be able to lift his arm.

A flood of concern

Right after the concert, the topic Yoongi’s shoulder trended on social media networks as the ARMYs expressed their concern. As the idol wore a shoulder brace underneath his shirt, he posted selfies confirming his status.

Suga then left a short message during day two of the online concert after learning that ARMYs are worried about him. He eased the concern of fans by letting them know he is okay.

In the post, he admitted to his fans that his shoulder was a bit uncomfortable during the opening performance. Furthermore, the idol kept repeating that he is okay and that nothing is to worry about his health.

Meanwhile, the Big Hit Entertainment released a statement via Weverse on November 6, 2020, regarding Suga’s surgery.

Image courtesy of Clevver News/YouTube Screenshot

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