BTS talks about its self-written songs as Christmas gifts for fans

On December 25, SBS has unveiled the pre-recorded interview and red carpet appearance of BTS for SBS Gayo Daejeon through YouTube.

The ARMYs have been happier this Christmas day as SBS released the pre-recorded interview and red carpet appearance of BTS.

The network also shared that the video was filmed under the protocols of the health authorities.

BTS on its red carpet fashion concepts and Christmas gift for fans

V wearing a chic aura all-black outfit like most of the members shared that their fashion concept is “different for each.” Taehyung further explained that their fashion for the day is “warm.”

With J-Hope’s outfit revealing a part of his shoulder, he claimed that the concept is sexy.

During the interview, topics about the group’s self-written songs were also discussed. On the 24th and 25th, Christmas Love and Snow Flower were each released through BTS’s official SoundCloud.

With the question regarding how they decided to gift a song, V replied, “I was preparing a mixtape, which got pushed back.”

He continued that since he wanted to make something for his fans who waited, he thought of Christmas carols.

The six-piece on talking about the hiatus of Suga

Only six BTS members attended the SBS Gayo Daejeon since Suga is currently taking a hiatus as he got a shoulder surgery back in November. The members were then asked if Suga was watching them during the event.

RM then responded, “I strongly trust so.” Jimin shared that Suga contacted him and said that they would be watching it together.

Moreover, Jin divulged that they had a chat with Suga on Christmas eve. He revealed that although it was only 6-seconds long, it was a fun call.

Finally, Jungkook also greeted the viewers with words saying, “There isn’t much left of this year … I hope everyone spends their time happily before passing another year.”


Image courtesy of Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock

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