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BTS tops December boy group brand reputation rankings


BTS defended its throne for the 31st consecutive month in the brand reputation rankings for male idol groups released by the Korean Business Research Institute on December 12.

The identification of BTS as this month’s top notcher is through analyzing the community participation index.

The boy groups are also ranked through the analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, interaction and communication index, and community reception index.

The data used in the ranking are those collected from November 12 to December 12. The rankings help determine consumers’ impacts on brand consumption and their online habits.

Also, it helps figure out the positive and negative influences of a male group on the public, and if the group associated with a brand helps boost sales among consumers.

The unstoppable seven

BTS ranked first on the list for the 31st consecutive month with members RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, and V.

It achieved a brand reputation index of 23,659,001, participation index of 5,463,864, communication index of 5,983,919, media index of 5,827,470, and a community index of 6,383,748.

The achieved score of the Bangtan Boys marked an impressive 175.23% from their November score.

The group’s high-ranking phrases in the BTS’ keyword analysis include “Dynamite,” “celebrity of the year,” and “band of the year.” While their highest-ranking related terms were “announce,” “chosen,” and “release.”

Furthermore, the group’s positivity-negativity analysis marked a score of 82.90% positive reactions.

Same faces for second and third

Moreover, NCT nailed itself in second place with a brand reputation index of 5,341,172. The group achieved a media index of 1,576,013, a participation index of 505,295, a communication index of 1,442,472, and a community index of 1,576,387.

Maintained third on the list is the PLEDIS Entertainment boy group SEVENTEEN. The rookie boy group achieved a brand reputation index of 3,602,368 for December.

Simultaneously, the group got a participation index of 486,112, a communication index of 1,196,261, a media index of 634,314, and a community index of 1,282,682.

Below is the full list of the Top 30 brand reputation rankings of the male idol group for December.

  • BTS
  • NCT
  • EXO
  • BTOB
  • SHINee
  • The Boyz
  • TXT
  • GOT7
  • Super Junior
  • Stray Kids
  • NU’EST
  • B1A4
  • AB6IX
  • ONF
  • SF9
  • Teen Top
  • Highlight
  • Shinhwa
  • VIXX
  • 2PM

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