BTS Universe Drama ’Youth’ to be distributed by Netflix

It’s confirmed! Netflix will be releasing the BTS Universe Drama, Youth.

The forthcoming BTS Universe drama series, Youth, has previously divulged that it has finally chosen its cast.

Now, the company’s behind the production has confirmed that it will be aired on Netflix. However, ARMYs are still cold with their promotions. Big Hit Entertainment and Chorokbaem Media jointly produce the drama.

What made the ARMYs interest went off

The new BTS project was known to be based on the concept of “Inspired by BU (BTS Universe).” This means that the story will be functional and utterly different from the essential information.

However, the promotion phrase, “A drama that depicts BTS’s childhood,” somehow surprised the ARMYs.

More to this, the ARMY is showing concerns regarding the drama characters’ descriptions. It included shocking sentences like “people think he killed his mother by setting the house on fire.”

Also, other descriptions released reads, “a painful memory of abandonment in an amusement park as a child,” “his family’s overprotection and his childhood filled with lies have deeply traumatized him,” and more.

With this, the alarming fans said that these would have adverse effects on the group.

What the production team has to say

As per the production team of Youth, the drama will portray the reality of the seven boys. It will be a real and refreshing way of story-telling, focusing on their underlying emotions.

They continued that a deep understanding of the characters, acting skills, and chemistry between the actors with their roles were more important than anything else in the drama.

The production team added that they had completed the lineup with rookie actors and young actors to maximize each character’s charm.

These said actors would play fictional versions of BTS members Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.

Meanwhile, BTS’s superstar members are gearing up for their comeback with a new album BE on November 20.


Image courtesy of XanderSt/Shutterstock

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