BTS Update: ‘Permission to Dance’ is officially the Biggest Song in The World

Permission To Dance was just announced as the No. 1 song in the world and debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 chart this week, Billboard’s weekly ranking for the most-consumed songs on the planet.

Billboard reports that Permission to Dance started with 138,600 copies sold worldwide and an amazing 170.8 million streams.

BTS ties with Justine Bieber!

BTS has now scored seven Billboard Global 200 top 10 hits, most of any group. With their latest win, the South Korean band appears to have broken a tie with Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop star is now ranked somewhere between Nos. With half a dozen tracks, the number 1 and 10 are possible.

Millions of people listen to every new BTS song. BTS’s huge and well-tuned fan base rushes for the song wherever available, streams it on multiple platforms, and watches the video (should there be one) on YouTube in record numbers.

Their latest single, Permission To Dance, received immediate love from the Armed Forces (the name BTS fans have used for years) and has become a worldwide sensation.

Here’s for the ARMYs to celebrate

Permission To Dance was just announced as the No. It is the No. 1 song in the world and debuts at No. This week, it is No. 1 on Billboard Global 200’s weekly list of the most-listened tracks worldwide.

When the order is formed, it takes into consideration both streaming and sales data. It’s no surprise that BTS has returned to the summit with another champion.

BTS is celebrating their fifth No. 1 hit. BTS is now the act with most rulers, having their fifth No. 1 hit on Billboard Global 200. No artist other than BTS has achieved more than two leaders so far. Ariana Grande (Positions) and Olivia Rodrigo (Drivers License) are in second place when looking at chart-toppers.

After a five-week run at No. 1, Permission To Dance has been replaced by Rodrigo’s song Good 4 U. 1. It has six total first-place spins, but it was broken by BTS’s “Butter,” a song that debuted ahead of every other title and led for only two periods.


Image courtesy of BANGTANTV/YouTube

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