BTS V and his glorious fanbase save smiles in Vietnam

The glorious fanbase of the majestic BTS V is trying to help save the world once again!

The fanbases of BTS V acted humanitarian and philanthropic deeds multiply and spread throughout the world as time goes by. To date, the circle is directing its eyes on Vietnam for a rescue mission: save smiles.

On the 19th of October, BTS V’s Vietnam Fanpage Lion V has announced its donations to support people of the country’s central region. The generous  move from the ARMY’s was made under the name “Taehyung’s fan in Vietnam.”

Creating a rainbow in the middle of the night

Within three days in response to the devastating typhoon victims, the fanbase raised 60,000 VND or $2,610. The recent typhoon that hit Vietnam, unfortunately, took many lives and sacrificed rescue efforts.

According to the group, the help extended is the global idol’s positive influence’s reflection. V has been known to possess good qualities.

To aid with relief for those affected, another group of Vietnamese ARMY also donated 1,700,000 dongs. The generous deed was also done on behalf of Kim Taehyung, aka BTS V.

Worthy of being called ARMYs

The inspiring projects under V’s name are not the first time done by Vietnamese fanbases. It can be recalled that they have initiated their birthday project for V.

It is a school building called “Together with Taehyung lighting up the dream to school.” The said building was made for the disadvantaged children living in Ho Tau Village.

By providing donations up to $5,600, almost half of the total expenses, V’s fanbases also helped construct the “Bridge of Love.” It is with the cooperation of the People’s Committee District and its residents. The project was launched during BTS’ V’s birthday celebration last year.

Furthermore, the massive popularity of BTS V has covered various parts of the globe. And Vietnam is no exception, especially on Facebook.

Among the Popular Overseas Artists in the country, the idol ranks 3rd. BTS V’s fan page currently hails 602k likes and 645k followers in Vietnam, which holds the top spot among foreign icons.

Image courtesy of BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

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