BTS V becomes first Korean idol to display solo AD in Burj Khalifa

The Chinese fandom of BTS V raised the bar this year as they display their love for the idol on such a mammoth scale.

This time, they put BTS V and his majesty on the world’s one of the tallest buildings, which hold a total of eight world records, Burj Khalifa!

Under the Dubai Media Office sponsorship, EXO became the first to host a video ad on the building in 2018.

However, BTS member V is the first Korean celebrity to be featured on an LED show alone. The Chinese fandom, @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_, certainly gone beyond any of our imaginations.

The mesmerizing effort and digits spent for V’s ad

The fan club recently announced to screen V’s theme song and light show on Burj Khalifa for three minutes.

They divulged the date as December 30 midnight (December 29 at 18:50 Dubai Time)in the world’s tallest building.

For starters, Burj Khalifa is a 163-floor building with a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft, just over half a mile).

Using LEDs installed throughout the buildings’ outer wall, it sometimes shows a colorful and dynamic LED show.

The building is somehow turned into the world’s most colorful and expensive billboard as the LED show starts.

A single three-minute display on the skyscraper takes almost 68K USD. The fanbase then collected seven million RMB (1 Million USD) in just 80 days to achieve the goal. More to this, the length of time the funds were raised also became a “fundraising world record.”

V’s royal status

Furthermore, it has been noted that the booking conditions for the show are quite tricky. With this, only super-special ads from world-renowned companies and Dubai royal are allowed.

Moreover, the world’s largest music fountain, the Dubai Fountain, will also have a fountain show in line with V’s solo song Winter Bear. This is simultaneously done with Burj Khalifa’s LED show.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Fountain contains 6,600 lights and 50 color projectors. It is located in an artificial lake twice the soccer field size. And within 20 miles (32km), the show can be seen anywhere.


Image courtesy of K-ZOOM/YouTube Screenshot

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