BTS V first released concept photos for ‘BE’

V of BTS is the first to star as the group drops the first individual concept photos for its upcoming self-directed album BE.

V is in charge of the visual direction of the album. He is also the first member to be in the concept photos shared by Big Hit Entertainment on November 2.

The images are tagged as “Curated by BTS,” which refers to BTS’s direct participation in the new album.

The new interactive version of the concept photo

There is a link in the tweet where it guides the fans to an interactive version of the concept photo.

Moreover, it includes audio clips of V talking (the audio consists of English subtitles) on different aspects of his room, with him being the “curator.”

BTS sets to release their album BE on November 20. The album features BTS’s direct participation in the concept, design, music, direction, and more. The title track of the album is titled Life Goes On.

BTS setting another record on Melon

On the other hand, BTS sets another new record on Melon. Melon is the largest music streaming service in Korea. It first launched its daily chart in January 2014.

The latest BTS’s hit, Dynamite, spent its 53rd day on the Melon’s daily chart at No. 1. Dynamite is the only song with most days at No. 1 in the history of the chart.

The previous record for the most days in the chart being No. 1 was Block B Zico’s Any Song.

The smash-hit topped the chart for 52 straight days, while BTS’s Dynamite hit on its 53rd day.

Surpassing the previous record on Genie’s

Moreover, Dynamite also set a new record for the most cumulative hours on Genie’s real-time music chart, being No. 1. BTS surpassed the previous record of iKON’s 2018 hit Love Scenario, which accumulated 838 hours.

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Image courtesy of JoseOchoaTV/YouTube Screenshot

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