BTS V maintains his royal status in China’s Weibo platform

The ultimate stan attractor of the K-pop industry, BTS V, has proven his unmatched popularity once again as he is deemed the most loved K-pop boy group member in China.

BTS V is indeed one of the head-turners in the K-pop industry. He is even tagged as a fashionista king and the visual representative of K-pop.

What is more impressive is that despite the recent strain between the Chinese netizens and BTS after RM’s speech, V stays to be loved and followed in China’s biggest social media platform, Weibo.

Gaining attention from well known-magazines and verified accounts

Aside from the mesmerizing fact about V’s royal status in Weibo, the singer wows as he drew attention from verified accounts and magazines.

Recently, one famous entertainment blogger released an update about Taehyung on Weibo. The blogger recently has 10M+ followers, and he covered V’s comfortable and straightforward airport fashion and style.

A top-rated fashion network has also updated a post with Taehyung putting him in the list of male stars with red hair stylings: a hair color that brings a warm burst of red. The network currently has over 8.5M followers.

Furthermore, V also dominated several online video platforms in China. One of these is on Bilibi, where the singer achieved 1.72 billion views and ranked highest among BTS members.

Another one is on Douyin, where Taehyung surpassed 2.1 billion views, which is also the highest among BTS members.

BTS V, the Fashionista King

V does not only inspire fans with his voice and energetic moves. Indeed, the Fashionista King also keeps motivating people with his sense of fashions. Another impressive fact is that everything that V wears is sold out in just minutes.

Many fashion and beauty magazines in China post the unique style of Taehyung on their official Weibo accounts.

The fashion magazines include Ray Li Magazine, China’s top 10 most influential fashion-beauty magazines, Phoenix Network FASHION, and MAGIA Magazine.

Also, glamorous magazines, including ELLE MEN Youth, Vogue China, Marie Claire China, and several other magazines, have acknowledged the style of the majestic Taehyung.

V above the clouds

On Baidu Baike’s Korean Male Artist Weekly Popularity Chart dated October 19-25, 2020, V ranked at No. 19, which is higher than his co-members in BTS.

In the Top 15 Most Popular Foreign Celebrities in China of Sina Entertainment Cultural Grand Ceremony, Taehyung ranked at No. 11.

Recently, Taehyung also dominated Super Topic, proving the unmatched support he received from personal fan clubs in China. And though it is hard for non-Chinese artists to enter the Top 100, V efficiently managed to make it to the Star List.

Image courtesy of BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

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