BTS V’s cover in ‘Wall Street Journal Magazine’ is a bestseller

BTS has made their fans float above the clouds once again as they graced WSJ magazine’s cover.

The ARMYs were all stirred after The Wall Street Magazine released its latest issue. The print posted an interview with BTS for being the 2020 Music Innovator.

This is in consideration of the group being at the top of the U.S. charts and shattering records.

The magazine’s highlight was the members’ cover shots, which stole and fluttered many hearts.

V’s visuals are captivating

The WSJ magazine‘s solo cover shoot of the BTS member is being sold in huge numbers. According to the WSJ Shop Official Website via Allkpop, V’s unique edition cover is leading with 3,664 copies sold as of writing.

Thus, the magazine’s cover of Taehyung is the current best-seller among all the members and the group edition.

Furthermore, several famous people in high fashion praised the special edition cover of V. The director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, Eva Chen, updated her Instagram story with the WSJ cover of Taehyung.

She is also the former editor-in-chief of Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and the beauty director at Teen Vogue.

Gege Elisa, an Indonesian actress, updated her Instagram story with the picture of Taehyung along with a caption “Vibe Fire emojis.”

This seen adoration of the actress for the idol isn’t the first time. Gege Elisa even follows Taehyung’s fan pages.

Taehyung versus western artists

In a report by Allkpop, the combined hashtags of V on Facebook have already reached over 14.2 million.

Being an idol who has several names, V is in a disadvantaged position. The idol’s real name and the name fans address him somehow divide his total into many halves.

However, V continues to lead over prominent figures in the entertainment industry with just one of his hashtags. This mesmerizing fact proves his incredible popularity.

For instance, #Taehyung on Facebook records 2.6M hits while #JustinBieber only has 1.3M, #ArianaGrande 674K, and #LadyGaga having 960K posts to their names.


Image courtesy of KOREA NOW/YouTube Screenshot

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