BTS’s CD single for ‘Butter’ achieved the fourth-largest sales week in Korea

Butter by BTS becomes the no. 1 CD single as it is now regarded as an album in South Korea. The band’s song and album are now no. 1 on one set in their home country.

The latest release by the world’s largest band is a highly coveted place in the history books, according to another roundup, the most important weekly rankings.

The staggering digits achieved by ‘Butter’

In a report of Hanteo, one of two companies that track South Korean music charts, BTS’ Butter CD sold 1,975,364 copies in its first week. This is a rare accomplishment, but it is one of the best of all time.

The organization revealed the fourth-largest Hanteo sales week. It was also on the verge of becoming the fourth game to reach two million downloads in its first seven days. Unsurprisingly, the three albums with the highest first-week sales are all from the same band.

‘Butter’ is the new deal!

On the Hanteo chart, BTS’ Map of the Soul 7 still holds the highest first-week sales total. In just seven days, 3.37 million South Korean fans bought it. This is the first time in country history that a single title has sold more than three million copies in a single week.

BTS’s most recent Korean-language album, Be, is second, with 2.27 million copies sold in its first week in December 2020. This short title remains one of 2021’s most popular, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold in the first half.

The septet’s album Map of the Soul: Persona was a worldwide hit. In the first seven days, 2.13 million copies were sold. It could also be sold in South Korean record stores.

Butter had only a few hours before becoming one of South Korea’s most successful single-week debuts. Within the first day, 1,711,870 copies were sold. This was a fantastic one-week total.


Image courtesy of 안구정화TV, Your Korean Friend/YouTube

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