BTS’s Jimin is an ‘MMA 2020’ head-turner

BTS Jimin in the 2020 Melon Music Awards showed up with exceptional and spectacular visuals that made trend worldwide!

With many fans gushing with the event’s head-turner, the name of Jimin flooded on the internet even after the ceremony.

The prestigious awarding ceremony, the 2020 Melon Music Awards, was filled with mesmerizing talents and notable celebrities.

But despite all, Jimin made waves on the internet as his visuals trended with positive and flattering remarks.

Jimin: The blue-haired stunner

BTS attended the annual MMA on December 5, 2020. The said event recognized the best artists in the Kpop industry and showed excellent performances from top idols.

Before the start of the show, Korean media outlets released photos of BTS.

With the keyword JIMIN BLUE HAIR,” Jimin immediately trended worldwide and in the United States. The topic on Twitter worldwide peaked at #3.

Before the show started, the ARMYs got excited, and they immediately talked about and showed love for Jimin’s new hair color.

Jimin’s heartfelt messages on the awarding melted fans’ hearts

One of BTS’s awards during the night is the Album of the Year Award.” During the acceptance, Jimin delivered a heartfelt message.

He said that he felt happy to receive the award once more and promised to repay ARMY’s love.

“This award seems like proof of the good message we convey to people. Thank you so much. Thank you to our ARMY, who keeps on supporting us. I love you,” Jimin added.

In just a short time after the awarding finale, Jimin posted a message to ARMYs on BTS‘s official Twitter. He asked their fans if they enjoyed watching the performance they prepared.

Right after the King of Pop’s post, #JIMIM trended worldwide, peaking at #2 and trended in more than 35 countries.

One of the most-talked personality during 2020 MMA

Throughout the MMA event, and even the end of the show, Jimin trended with 12 keywords and hashtags. Worldwide, he trended with five hashtags, five hashtags in the USA, and three words/hashtags in the UK.

Furthermore, in South Korea, he trended with two hashtags before, during, and after 2020 MMA.


Image courtesy of My Namja BTS/YouTube Screenshot

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