BTS’s Jimin reassured fans of Suga’s recovery

BTS’s Jimin shared how the group is preparing for the upcoming album while reassuring the fans about Suga’s recovery status.

On November 11, Jimin held a live broadcast and talked with fans on BTS’s YouTube channel. He stated that the group is currently rehearsing for the end of the year. Jimin made the online live broadcast after their choreography practice.

Gearing up for BE

BTS is gearing for the upcoming release of their new album BE this November 20. Jimin commented that he knew a lot of people who are curious about how it is going. Almost all of the songs are ready now, and the music video was also fun to shoot.

The group took on the production of its album. Participating is not the only thing in creating the music, but they have to study the design, concept, direction, and many more.

The whole process was fun for Jimin, where the group also had fun working on the album. Some things made it in, and lots of other things did not make it through. BTS had fun with different things going on in their newest project.


Jimin reassure the health of Suga

As fans are concerned about Suga, he recently had shoulder surgery. He is now recovering well, and he hopes that they would not worry much.

Suga gives them updates to let them know that he is doing good and that the surgery went well.

Jimin reassured the fans that they are all taking good care of Suga. He decided to get treatment earlier before his health got worse. Suga is far more excited to be with his fans again because it has been a long time.

He hopes that they can wait a little bit, and he will probably see them back as soon as his health improves.


Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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