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BTS’s Suga made a surprise appearance through a live broadcast


BTS’s Suga made a surprise appearance on a comeback broadcast and shared some updates regarding his surgery recovery.

BTS talked to its fans through a V Live broadcast after releasing their new album, BE. Suga could not be on the set because he is still recovering from his shoulder surgery earlier this month.

Suga played with Jin

During the show, the rapper surprises everyone as he connected himself through a phone call.

He said that he is recovering now and shared that he can not use his left arm yet. He is still in the healing phase, but he could play rock paper scissors when Jin asked him.

Suga shared that he will be starting his rehabilitation next week and asked everyone to enjoy their new album.

He thinks that the people will surely enjoy the album because they are involved in making it, and he got it on repeat too.

A little song may do

Jungkook requested him to sing Telepathy. He answered that the key is high. He had a hard time during the recording, but he still sang a bit, which made the other guys laughed and clapped happily.

Suga also said in an interview as a pre-recorded video that he is sad. He is unhappy because he is not able to take part in the promotion of their new album.

It will have been good if they think of me as resting for a little while so he can return as a more improved artist.

He will be back the soonest

He also went on to share that the other members often had things. They think about how they can do the scheduled activities with Suga.

As he watches the group, he felt relieved because the members are doing pretty well.

There is no reason to be sad because Suga will not be gone forever. He will return the soonest.

Image courtesy of Big Hit Labels/YouTube Screenshot

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