Buggy ‘Elite Dangerous’ is the new ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

Seems like players have lost their patience after witnessing constant, annoying bugs in Elite Dangerous, despite applying the recent update.

Last week, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey received a patch intended to solve several issues. However, it hasn’t turned out helpful at all, according to most of the players.

‘Elite Dangerous is the new ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, with bugs!

Upon encountering Elite Dangerous gameplay issues, some of the users must have remembered Cyberpunk 2077, for sure. The CD Projekt RED title was a disaster at the time of its exciting launch last December.

Now, a similar situation has occurred for the latest release by Frontier Developments.

The developer did acknowledge the growing anger of fans who criticize the makers for a rushed launch.

In its recent tweet, the official account of the game said that many issues are now stabilized.

But it also mentioned that “if you continue to encounter this issue, please report it; attaching network logs in the Issue Tracker.”

“We will continue to investigate this issue – thank you for your patience.”

However, it looks like there has been no improvement when it comes to the actual scenario. Because the developer’s tweet had hundreds of comments below, asking for more fixes.

While some are still unable to reload power play weapons on Xbox, others are having issues with Fleet Career jumps. They are not working.

One user even wrote that nothing is stabilized in Elite Dangerous.

There are also complaints regarding a flawed combat system, in which weapons are proving to be useless.

The group play mode is witnessing lots of glitches as well. And thus, “it makes co-operative play almost impossible,” one player wrote.

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Gamers demand refunds!

The angst has reached such an extent now that many players have even demanded refunds from online stores. It’s because they feel cheated by the way Elite Dangerous has turned out to be.

One Twitter user pointed out that the developers made a rush in releasing the title.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I feel sorry for the developers who were pressured during this launch. The game should have had an extended testing period.”

Furthermore, he said that he feels scammed as he had participated in the title’s Alpha and paid “for its extended cost.”

Another user came out and said that when he demanded a refund, he didn’t receive it on Steam. And it happened despite the platform’s two-hour playtime policy.

All in all, it seems like Elite Dangerous isn’t going to go down well with those who already own it.

What are your thoughts on the Frontier Developments’ game? Have you played it already?

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