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Bumble’s new Interest Badges helps selecting dating choices


Bumble’s brand-new Interest Badges can help people yield details of their characteristics in a fun and easy way. People can now properly select people they want to get a match with!

Bumble, the women-first dating app, has arisen with a fun and easy way to partake their selves using a strong suite of new Interest Badges. Bumble users now can choose up to five badges from more than 150 interests.

It ranges across different categories: sports, artistic hobbies, beloved films, television programs, and music to books. It also can include the favored choice of ventures while preferring to stay in or going out.

In addition to that, the Bumble association will further be capable of preferring to showcase their powers and features. They are also able to exhibit and display their preference for allyship and assistance for multiple social problems.

As reported by researchers, the Bumble association, particularly empowered women, are ready to make more confident dating decisions. They meant to choose decisions gathered on their terms and requirements after taking the former year to display what they see for in a partner.

This revived certainty is an unforeseen silver covering for those who are looking for love during this time. Right from the beginning, this innovation will enable the Bumble association to be extra deliberate regarding their dating choices. It further makes significant relationships with a bestowed knowledge of life values.

Bumble’s statement towards the new feature

Priti Joshi, Vice President of Global Strategy & Operations at Bumble, said on the launch of the latest highlight that they strengthen their association to be their most genuine oneself as the platform rooted in compassion, justice, and marginalized when making kinships on Bumble.

The VP further added that people could now build on new Badges to the profiles that draw attention to their character and enable potential matches to acquire to understand them strongly.

The Bumble association can also select restricted Interest Badges from Sufi music. Besides that, the VP added that as individual people operate the new dating world, the community believes that Badges’ increased choice benefits people to cause more significant discussions and advance more rooted connections.

How to select interests on the Bumble app?

The new Interest Badges’ launch is a different way the association extends to provide individuals an entertaining way to connect with comfort and belief. To choose to add “Interest Badges” to your Bumble profile, switch to “Edit profile” and select the “Tap to edit profile” below the user’s photograph.

Now, see the new “My interests” section and pick from over 150 interests to add to your profile.

Image courtesy of Bumble/YouTube Screenshot

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