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Buying a gaming chair guide: 7 things to consider before purchasing


There are a lot of things to consider before buying a gaming chair. They are ergonomic, comfortable, and good looking. But, is it really necessary?

Buying a gaming chair has mixed reactions in the community. Some prefer the classic-looking office-style chairs. Others like the cool-looking gaming chairs with flashy designs.

The office-style chairs are used with comfortability in mind. However, gaming chairs are not unpleasant to use. Gaming chairs now offer the same ergonomics as office chairs.

Here are some things to consider before hopping on to the nearest shop.

1. Aesthetics

The majority of gaming chairs available today are based on a racing seat design. There has been a connotation that gaming chairs are good looking yet lacks comfort. However, top-tier gaming chairs are very comfortable.

When shopping for a new gaming chair, the design is probably the first consideration. But, if ergonomics is the priority, then users can save money by opting for an office chair instead.

The design department of office chairs is usually ignored by manufacturers to prioritize comfort. Thus browsing through a catalog usually yields the same generic look.

There are gaming chairs in the market, however, that offer great looks and comfort. SecretLabs, for example, offers excellent gaming chairs. But, these types of gaming chairs are costly.

2. Height and weight consideration

Gaming chairs are not created equally. Users must consider their body type before picking one. One chair might work for one person, but it will not work with another.

There are manufacturers that offer different models depending on the height and weight of the users. Obviously, Asian-sized chairs will not be comfortable for European users. This works vice-versa.

It is better to check for manufacturers that have a sizing chart when buying online. Otherwise, it would be better to check for a different seller if it does not have one.

3. Be cautious of rebranded gaming chairs

Knockoffs are not new and gaming chairs are not exempted. Rumors say that DXRacer’s design has been copied in China. Manufacturers purchase these knockoffs and slap their logo on it.

Why does this matter?

Checking out similar chairs on Amazon or other websites may save some money. Basically, different manufacturers offer the same chair at different price points. The main difference between the two is the logo or color.

However, buying knockoffs have their own pros and cons. The main advantage is the price. It is cheaper but the problem arises when the gaming chairs arrive damaged.

SecretLabs, DXRacer, or Vertagear might be on the expensive side, but it comes with excellent aftersales service.

4. Features included

Adjustability is the main feature that one can get from gaming chairs. It is not limited to reclining but includes several adjustability options.

Some gaming chairs offer armrest adjustment, lumbar support, height adjustment, and a lot more.

The angle of recline also differs from one manufacturer to another. There are gaming chairs that recline flat, while others max out at a certain angle.

There are manufacturers that also allow the chair to be locked at a certain angle. It might be a small adjustment but it helps in comfortability.

5. Lumbar pillows

Gaming chairs manufacturers often include lumbar pillows if it is not built-in to the body of the chair.

However, these lumbar supports are a hit or miss. It is either good enough or too huge to be on the comfortable side.

As mentioned earlier, different people do not have the same body type. It is hard to create a one-size-fits-all solution to lumbar support.

DXRacer tried it, but it gets uncomfortable at times. The SecretLabs Titan has a built-in one, but it does not work well for users with a smaller physique.

6. Go out and check physical stores

The best way to find the perfect chair is to try it out. If there are shops that have the items in hand, visit them, and test the time.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone. There are manufacturers that only offer online shopping. This makes it difficult for the buyer to pick the perfect chair.

Now, if testing the chair may make or break the purchase, it is better to head on to the nearest office supply store. It is most likely that an office chair will work the same as a dedicated gaming chair.

Do take note that there are racing style office chairs available as well. It might not have the best design though.

7. Do not judge a chair on its first week

One complaint that users have is that their gaming chair is uncomfortable. However, they have been using the new chair for a very short time.

There is a break-in period for gaming chairs. It might take a while before it gets used to being sit on. The foam adjusts to the users and gets better over time.

The first few weeks is also an adjustment period for the user. A new chair means finding the perfect sitting position.

Buying a gaming chair should not be a chore. These recommendations are worth considering as gaming chairs should give comfort, not problems.

Images used courtesy of Sharad Kachhi/Pexels, SecretLabs, DXRacer

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