Buying a gaming PC guide: Six things to ponder before buying

Buying a gaming PC guide: 6 things to ponder before buying

The number of great games coming this year gave people the urge to buy a gaming PC. But, purchasing one is not as simple as going to the grocery.

Several points should be considered before buying a gaming PC. These factors should be taken into consideration as not to waste money. Gaming PCs usually start at US$500 [AU$718] for basic ones, but the price jumps higher to play demanding titles.

The temptation to get a gaming PC is undoubtedly strong. But, here are some things to ponder upon before purchasing a new computer.

Is it the right time to buy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a shortage of PC supplies. Some components have jacked up in price to compensate for the demand.

Considering that the world is entering a global recession, spending at least $500 for a gaming computer might not be practical.

However, computers are multipurpose. Some users mainly use a PC for work while doing gaming on the side. These types of people can easily gain the money that they will use for buying a PC.

On another note, gaming PCs are a way of socializing in tough times like these. It is a way to communicate with other people while having fun.

Online multiplayer games such as Valorant has an in-game chat that can be used for voice chat. Third-party software like Discord offer voice functionality as well.

Purchasing a gaming PC should not be an impulse purchase. Assess the needs and wants first before getting one.

building a gaming PC comes in different sizes

Wait for the prices to go down

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has affected the PC supplies around the world. The majority of the factories are based in China, wherein the virus originated. Hence, the massive shortage of supplies.

Despite the shortage, the graph from PCPartPicker shows that video card prices are stable. There is no significant dips or sudden jump on prices.

Another problem that people will encounter is stock shortages. Even if the prices are regulated and are remained the same, it will be difficult to secure specific PC components.

The pandemic looks like it is not slowing anytime soon. If getting a PC is an urgent need, then feel free to do so. However, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a few months away. The best PC deals usually come around that time.

However, newer PC components do not go down in price that much during those sales.

Maximizing a computer’s strength

Versatility is one of the key strengths of a gaming computer. Unlike consoles, it is not a one-way street. There are a lot of things that one can do on a computer.

Deciding what to do with a new gaming PC can also be a factor before buying. Is it going to be for 1080p gaming? Is it for fps games or MOBAs? It all depends on usage.

If the purpose is to play casually and high frame rate gaming is not essential, then a console might be a better option. It saves money, as well.

However, most games on the console are also available on PC, except for some Nintendo Switch titles and those that are console exclusive.

Although, playing heavy titles such as The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V are better played on PC. It maximizes all resources available such as CPU processing and graphics card rendering.

If these types of games are preferred, then a gaming PC is the way to go.

Buying a pre-built vs building own computer

Building a new computer is cheaper. Users may mix and match components depending on their purpose. The experience of building one is irreplaceable as well. It is like Lego but for adults.

But not everyone has the know-how to do so. The good thing is, pre-built computers are getting better each year. Pre-built units from Corsair and Origin PC are excellent units. However, it is more expensive.

Mix and match components when buying a gaming PC

Laptops or a PC: Is there a big difference?

The short answer is yes. Laptops are great for portability. Its gaming capabilities have improved as well.

But there is nothing that can compare to the value that a PC brings. A $500 PC will perform way better than a $500 laptop.

If gaming on the go is the priority, then laptops are the better buy. But, one has to pay a huge premium to get a laptop that performs like a dedicated PC.

Include peripherals on the budget

PC peripherals are often overlooked when deciding a budget. Some prepare $700 for a gaming PC, but they do not consider that peripherals may get pricey as well.

Nevertheless, there are cheap alternatives. But it does not give the best gaming experience. It is better to spend at least 20% of the total budget for gaming peripherals than buying cheap and upgrading later.

Once again, buying a gaming PC is not as easy as going out to buy groceries. It must be well-thought. Consider every factor such as purpose, budget, form factor, and many more.

Images used courtesy of Flavio Ensiki, Won Jae Pablo Kim/Flickr, Athena/Pexels

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