California closes indoor businesses again as daily cases spike

California closes indoor businesses again as daily cases spike

A few weeks after its reopening, indoor businesses in some counties across California are shutting down again amid a flood of new coronavirus cases.

It appears that small indoor businesses in California are set to grapple a new storm again despite having not yet rebounded from the previous loss incurred by city lockdowns.

In a new order given by Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, July 1, indoor businesses such as restaurants will have to close their establishments temporarily. The mandate was raised following the resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the state.

Indoor businesses in some counties to close again

In counties like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Orange, all indoor operations—including movie theaters, restaurants, wineries, zoos, family entertainment, and museums—are required to shut down. The order, which was given Wednesday, is said to take place immediately and will last for about three weeks.

During his press briefing, Gov. Newsom said indoor businesses in counties that are included in the state’s “County Monitory List” for three days would have to follow to mandate. Overall, the directive applies to all 19 counties across California.

He also added:

“We have seen increased activity where people simply are not able to practice social distancing. When we talk about this dimmer switch, it is not an on-and-off switch. It is based upon local conditions.”

The governor, on the other hand, the assured that does not mean small indoor biz will have to close stop their operations completely. He said that if possible, those who can continue their business in an outdoor set up can do so.

The governor had also ordered earlier the closing of bars. Last week, it asked Imperial County to reimplement stay-at-home orders again as well.

Newsom orders stricter guidelines

California has yet again recorded a 4.4% increase in its coronavirus cases tally as well—or an additional 9, 740 cases, reported Wedqnesday.

California closes indoor businesses again as daily cases spike

The uptick of new cases has also raised the state’s necessity to elevate its social distancing guidelines. During his press conference, Gov. Newsom also mentioned implementing tighter rules when it comes to using face masks and physical distancing protocols.

“It is more education. I am not coming out with a fist. We want to come out with an open heart, recognizing the magnitude of some of these modifications,” the governor explained.

As part of the updated initiative, California is also urging all counties to consider cancellation of firework displays, which is expected to gather large crowds, in celebration of the Fourth of July. Governor Newsom also asked the closure of parking facilities in beach areas in the Bay Area and Southern California.

Small biz operators across the country have been crying out loud to the government to reopen states and businesses prior to the latest order shutdown order. Yet with the looming “second wave” of coronavirus cases, the path to recovery seems long and bleak.

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