California orders statewide closure of indoor businesses again

California orders statewide closure of indoor businesses again

California, one of the fastest states with a growing number of coronavirus cases, is closing most of its indoor businesses again after its positivity rate hit 7.4% mark.

A week after it closed some indoor businesses in select counties across the state, California is now closing all indoor operations statewide. The measure, which was announced on Monday, July 13, is said to take effect immediately.

California closes indoor business again

As per Governor Newsom’s announcement, indoor businesses such as restaurants, bars, movie theaters, museums, wineries, zoos, cardrooms, and family entertainment rooms would have to stop all its operations again. However, businesses that can operate in an outdoor setup (except for pubs) will be allowed to stay open.

Along with the said establishments, personal care services, including gyms and hair salons, are also required to comply with the said order. Malls, churches, and offices are ordered to shut their operations down too.

Some affected businesses, however, appear unhappy with the updated order.

“We have barely been back to work for a month since we were able to reopen, and now we have to close again,” said Hailey Tipton of Harvey’s barber salon to ABC30.

An owner of a hair and nail salon, Lisa Bowles, is also having trouble whether she should set up her salon outdoor or not. “Either I am not closing, and I will take the hit, or I will bring it outside,” Bowles said.

The reversal of lockdown measures came following the resurgence of COVID-19. According to Gov. Newsom, the state’s positivity rate (or the number of people testing positive to coronavirus) has climbed as much as 7.4%. And as of Sunday, California has recorded a total of 8,358 fresh coronavirus cases.

Newsom also previously announced closures of indoor businesses in counties included in California’s “County’s Monitory List.”

Newsom asks Californians to limit interactions

Aside from the new mandate, Gov. Newsom also reminded Californians to limit interactions with folks that do not belong in their households to avoid coronavirus from spreading. On the one hand, if they do wish to meet their friends, Newsom asked Californians to do it outside.

California orders statewide closure of indoor businesses again

Community transmission across the state appears to be increasing. Per the governor, hospitals in California have recorded a 28% increase of hospitalization for more than two weeks only. And as of Sunday, an estimated 6,485 COVID-19 patients are currently admitted in hospitals.

“The data suggests not everyone is acting with common sense,” the governor said on its recent press conference.

The governor had previously mentioned that the state would enforce stricter social distancing protocols, mainly mask usage. But Newsom explained that the said rules are “more of education.”

“I am not coming out with a fist. We want to come out with an open heart, recognizing the magnitude of some of these modifications,” he said.

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr, CNBC 

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