Call for expressions of interest in Horizon State software

Call for expressions of interest in Horizon State software

Following the collapse of prominent Australian blockchain project Horizon State, administrators for the company wish to distribute the following press release.

ACN 622 345 297 (“the Company”)

Timothy Heesh and Amanda Lott of TPH Advisory were appointed Administrators of Horizon State Pty Ltd on 31 August 2019 by resolution of the Company’s director.

Prior to the appointment of the Administrators, the Company developed a voting platform incorporating blockchain technology, called ‘Horizon State Platform’ which aimed to allow voting to be secure, auditable and anonymous.

The Company had previously advertised that the platform “represents cost savings, improved data, and vote collection efficiency”.

The Administrators are calling for expressions of interest for the sale of the Intellectual Property of the Company – the source code of the Horizon State Platform.

For further details of the asset and the sales process, interested parties are invited to contact TPH Advisory.

Expressions of Interest close 5 pm AEST Friday, 4 October 2019.

Interested parties should submit their expression of interest in writing to Mark Everingham of TPH Advisory by 5 pm on the due date.

For enquires contact Mark Everingham (02) 9011 5404 or

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