‘Call of Duty 2020’ teasers bit dragging? one locks in ‘Cold War’

'Call of Duty 2020' teasers getting a bit dragging? new teaser locks in 'Cold War'

The leaks and rumors surrounding the Call of Duty 2020 are fun while it lasted. As another month goes by without an official announcement, Activision might be dragging the tease chase for too long.

2020 is already halfway in August and the gaming community is yet to receive an official announcement from Activision about the highly-anticipated Call of Duty 2020 title. Instead, players get mysterious teaser drops in-game.

Call of Duty 2020 teaser chase

In the absence of the official announcement, avid followers of Call of Duty fed on constant leaks, rumors, and online chatter as to what the next title could be. Later on, Activision sparked everyone’s excitement by dropping in-game teasers.

However, Forbes noted that the teaser chase is getting too old. “It just stops being fun when it’s dragged on too long, and when we all pretty much know what the game is going to be already anyways,” the publication reports.

Call of Duty 2020 is pretty much confirmed by now, most especially when Activision already confirmed the existence of such and its respective developers—Treyarch and Raven Software. Most of its gameplay has already been data mined, courtesy of “The Red Door” store listing slip up.

This endless teaser drop reportedly gives off the idea that the devs and its publisher are not just ready yet to present Call of Duty 2020. 

Cold War setting confirmed?

Another rumor gets confirmed after the recent in-game teaser drop, per GameSpotThis time around it is the setting where the game would likely take place which is somewhere around the 1960s.

A teaser site has been revealed and on—what looks like a homepage—gives visitors a sight of an old television set with a sticky note pasted on the bottom. It has writings on that turns out to be extended URLs to the teaser site.

Beside the TV is a pile of tapes that has year labels ranging from 1961-62, 1968-69, and 1972-73. The years have been further teased in one of the URLs written on the sticky note (the /emc2), wherein you will find a note which has the dates of this month, starting from August 14 until today, August 17.

'Call of Duty 2020' teasers getting a bit dragging? new teaser locks in 'Cold War'

As of this writing, the “Day Four”, August 17, is still blacked out yet, while the first few days have already been revealed and crossed out. Each day was paired with the years mentioned earlier.

The gaming publication reports that this strongly coincides with the “mysterious and conspiratorial Black Ops games.” Meanwhile, the videos on the old TV screens reportedly change every after a few hours.

But was shown before were “discussed tensions in East Germany and the importance of the space race, including a speech from JFK.”

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is more or less undressed, as the teasers continue to roll out. But the question is, when does Activision plan to officially reveal the title?

Images courtesy of pawntakespawn/Website Screenshot, Activision blog


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