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‘Call of Duty’ cheat vendor gets sued by Activision


Activision is fed up with Call of Duty cheaters and is filing a legal complaint against cheat websites. The cheat company announced the complaint via its official Discord.

Call of Duty: Warzone is battling hackers since its release. It is expected as any battle royale game has its fair share of cheaters. However, the amount of hackers is too much this time.

The company implemented a ban wave recently. But it was not enough to discourage hackers.

Activision sues, cheat company removes hack software

This time, Activision sues the cheating website for violating the Warzone terms and conditions. The cheat company has since deleted Warzone hacks on its website. But the legal complaint will still push through.

According to the cheating site, “Activision Publishing Inc has filed a lawsuit against the website and has made it clear to us that our services violate their Terms of Use.”

The website also added, “as a result of our lawsuit with Activision we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services sold through the site.”

Despite being a hacking community, the vendors made it seem like they are an honest business with their statements.

The website added that all Call of Duty related hacks would be out in any form. It also issued a warning to their users that continued usage may result to permaban from Activision or Infinity Ward.

Mixed reactions from Call of Duty users

Several hackers expressed their disappointment on the cheat website’s official forum. Others commented that they paid for a product and is unable to use it now. Thus it felt like they are being scammed.

The website reportedly sold the hacks for US$60. Now, the users are demanding a refund.

Meanwhile, legitimate players are happy with the announcement. Redditors on the official Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit are glad about Infinity Ward’s move.

“Good. The lowlifes deserve it,” said u/tMite11.

According to a user, Discord should ban these kinds of channels. Knowing that Discord is a popular gaming tool, it is evident that there are several channels with this kind of content.

“Discord should ban these channels too, another big site uses Discord to sell cheats and everybody writes reviews how good everything works. I reported the channels, so far nothing,” said u/RaiausderDose.

The player added, “I really wish Activision would sue those people. Reading their forums made me sad and I don’t want to play anymore.”

Infinity Ward cheater response heavily criticized

Back in July, Infinity Ward announced sets of ban wave for detected cheaters. However, prominent streamers and regular players voiced out their concerns about the statement.

Apparently, Infinity Ward has not made a strong stance against hackers yet. Their statement made it seem like it is enticing cheaters more and test out the company’s capability to ban them.

Call of Duty champions, Patrick “ACHES” Price expressed his disappointment via Twitter. Fellow Champion, Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan echoed his statement.

But, users were quick to suggest that a proper anti-cheat engine would have been better instead of a statement.

David “Hitch” Edwards mentioned that the company’s move is easy to by-pass. Cheating can easily be done even after several bans.

Call of Duty: Warzone is still going strong despite the rampant number of cheaters. Hopefully, the legal complaint plus a stronger anti-cheat system gets implemented soon.

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