‘Call of Duty’ League: Atlanta FaZe couldn’t nab title from Dallas Empire

'Call of Duty' League: Atlanta FaZe couldn't nab title from Dallas Empire

The Call of Duty League champion title remains with Dallas Empire as Atlanta FaZe fails to snatch the crown from the reigning victor.

Atlanta FaZe loses to Dallas Empire in a  3-1 final match this weekend—making it their second but the most crucial loss in the online 2020 CoD Chicago Home series.

This second home series win for the Dallas Empire, however, was a much-needed win to redeem the team name from being winless against the Atlanta FaZe and the Chicago Huntsmen.

Dallas Empire‘s first winning title was against Minnesota RØKKR last March 8 with a 3-2 victory during the Call of Duty Los Angeles Home series.

Match summary

Dallas Empire was a two-fold balanced team. With veterans, Ian “C6” Porter and James “Clayster” Eubanks, leading its three you promising members, Shotzzy, iLleY, and Huke, the took the great giant that is Atlanta FaZe.

Dallas started strong with several early points against Atlanta and with a “better spawn rotations” during the Gun Runner Hardpoint. Although Atlanta dominated most of the gunfights, Dallas Empire still came out with the first win bagging a 250-222 score on Game 1.

Atlanta FaZe did prove to Dallas that the first map was a mere warm-up with 11 rounds in St. Petrograd Search and Destroy, which boiled down to a 1v1—Chris “Simp” Lehr beating Clayster to the winning point round.

Dallas Empire then continued to dominate the following games with a 171-146 win on Domination, and a 250-200 Hardpoint win. C6 and Clayster reportedly led the team charging their way through and around the Atlanta FaZe for that sweet second home series win.

The Chicago host, on the other hand, Chicago Huntsmen, fell deep against Dallas Empire with 0-3 and an even more disappointing loss against the New York Subliners at the beginning of the online home series.

Atlanta FaZe coach defends Empire from fan outrage

Meanwhile, Atlanta FaZe coach James Crowder gets into a Twitter rage against a few of their very own fans as he defends Dallas Empire from online bashing.

Reportedly, the FazE fans have been dubbing Dallas as “onliners” after the 2020 Chicago Home series results.

On Monday, Crowder tweeted about their loss against Dallas Empire, saying that they’ve made “too many mistakes against the best team in the game.”

A fan replied, sarcastically correcting the gaming coach with “*best online team.” Apparently, the shaded tweet did not sit well with Crowder, which resulted in a scolding response from the coach himself.

Make sure to catch Atlanta FaZe redeem themselves in the next Home Series on May 9, with Florida Mutineers as a host. Catch them play first at 4:00 a.m. against Paris Legion. Catch the eSports event live on YouTube.


Image courtesy of Atlanta FaZe /Twitter

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