‘Call of Duty League’ to follow NBA’s ‘bubble’ for 2021 season?

'Call of Duty League' to follow NBA's 'bubble' for 2021 season?

Reports claim that Activision might be looking into NBA’s “bubble” model environment to run a LAN 2021 season of Call of Duty League.

Since the dawn of eSports history, most, if not all, leagues have relied on LAN to assure fairness and continuity of the playing field. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this season’s Call of Duty League had to resort in an all-online tournament.

Despite the pandemic still looming all corners of the global industries, the National Basketball Association (NBA) managed to resume its season physically. It did take a rigid process to assure the safety of both its players and crew.

NHL has also done the same, per DotEsportsBy secluding its players in a “bubble” environment with strict protocols, the physical sports were able to finish its 2020 seasons.

Could it be that the eSports industry could do the same as well?

How possible is the Call of Duty League bubble?

The Esports Observer was first to catch whip of this possibility, per its sources. Activision Blizzard has reportedly asked owners considering the possibility of a bubble-type environment for the next season of CDL. 

Moreover, similar to the NBA, this would require the professional teams to reside in one particular venue for the rest of the season to compete. DotEsports says there 12 teams that are expected to relocate.

The potential locations being discussed are reportedly Las Vegas and Dallas. This, however, raised one of the important things being considered is the provisions of the teams’ contracts. It appears that while some owners are favorable to the idea, there are some who are hesitant.

Accordingly, per TEO, “a move in particular to Dallas may be unfair as the Dallas Empire already has a home there.” As some contracts have already been signed, the news publication notes that contract revision might be done, should the relocation pushes through.

Dallas Empire was this season’s all-online tournament, which commenced last August.

The need for LAN in CDL

Daily Esports reports that many of the big leagues had to resort either all-online or completely offline. Accordingly, Riot’s League of Legends eSports league had to continue most of its regional tourneys offline.

For Call of Duty League, doing an all-online tournament “caused several connection issues between the twelve competing teams,” says the media outlet. Heavy lagging was one of the big issues, as well as hitting offline.

Due to these, the 2020 championship had to be “pre-recorded” to avoid “being hit offline.”

As Daily Esports highlights, considering the bubble-type environment may have been due to the problems brought by the online play.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty League/YouTube Screenshot

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