‘Call of Duty Mobile’: Activision strikes hard on cheaters

'Call of Duty Mobile': Activision strikes hard on cheaters

Activision has been on a keen look-out for unfair players continuously disrupting the gaming environment in all Call of Duty franchise. Recently, the video game publisher announces that they are “striking hard against any cheater” in Call of Duty Mobile. 

Online video game franchises have always had a problem with in-game cheaters. They come in many forms – mod users, third-party app users, and “stream snipers.”

It seems like the recent victim of a surge in in-game cheaters is the Call of Duty franchise. It is mostly happening in the two platforms that are easier to hack – PC and mobile.

In a recent report, Micky News detailed that Activision has been busy banning over 70,000 players in CoD: Warzone who were proven or caught cheating.

To protect the mobile players of the FPS game, Activision sought fit to give out a strong warning to all the cheaters in Call of Duty Mobile. 

Community update call out

Last Friday, Activision posted an update run through on its official subreddit community page.

After listing out the upcoming game modes and other events that’ll pave way soon, Activision highlighted its Bans & Enforcement guidelines.

The CoD maker warns its community that they’ve already started “enforcing” cheater profiles. An excerpt from the announcement reads:

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve sent up a variety of reports and all of them have resulted in enforcement.We don’t want cheaters in our game, and we don’t want them ruining your experience, manipulating our systems, and destroying the balance of the game.

Apparently, the strong warning came from “an uptick in cheater reports” after the Season 5: Steel Legion update release.

How to report cheaters

In the meantime, Activision calls on other players to report suspected cheaters either through in-game, through the Reddit community page, or through the company’s official social media platforms.

The developers have added new ways to grab player information; there’s the UID and the quick copy tool.

Should the reported player be proven to have cheated, Activision will impose a “tiered offense system.”

For the third-party application users and mod users, the first offense to imposed is a temporary suspension. Should similar behavior continue, the penalty can be heightened to permanent suspension and taking down the rank profile from the official leaderboards.

Cheaters have been part of the online gaming world since the beginning. Developers have worked immensely in figuring out a system that’ll prevent illegalities from infiltrating its games.


Image courtesy of Timi Studios / YouTube Screenshot

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