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‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ added three new modes and a possible Campaign


There have been a few movements within the Call of Duty: Mobile game app and its official website. New gaming modes have been added, and we might be looking at a Campaign mode to be launched soon.

The mobile gaming app version of the Call of Duty series has been a great hit. Recently, CoD Mobile just launched Steel Legion with David Muson and the Reaper from its Black Ops franchise.

In a previous Micky News report, Vice President Chris Plummer hinted that the team behind the mobile version of Call of Duty is working on other time-limited modes, replacing the Zombie mode.

It looks like they’ve done just that as three new modes have just been recently added. Meanwhile, the 20v20 Warfare mode in Battle Royale is no longer available, and so is the One Shot One Kill in MP.

Multiplayer mode: Prop Hunt

Activision has just added two new featured modes in Multiplayer, alongside 2v2 Showdown. The added modes of gameplay are Prop Hunt and Gun Game, and their quite different from the usual tactical play.

First, the Prop Hunt mode is still a 5v5 setup, but there’s a twist, the first five will become props to be hunted. Meanwhile, the other team tries to raid all possible places to shoot the right prop disguise of the opposing team.

Players can’t choose a specific map as the mode is locked on random.

Hunters will need to find and eliminate the disguised opponents to win the round. There are two rounds, and both teams will have the chance to become the props and the hunters.

Every round is time-limited. Hunters are given three minutes and 30 seconds to hunt, and the opposing team will need to stay hidden for the same duration to win the game.

The props are given 20 seconds to hide before the hunters start their search.

The props are given the chance to plant the same decoy before locking in a position to disguise.

The prop items are random like plants, trash bins, a pile of tires, and even a basketball. The most obvious one is the big camouflage Easter egg; that’s the first item hunters shoot at.

There’s a rotation of whistle to give hunters a hint where the prop-disguised opponent may be hidden.

Although Prop Hunt is a 5v5 setup, the ranking is individual. So, it doesn’t matter which team got the most kills, the points are accumulated individually, based on how great a player stayed hidden, plus the points for hunting.

Gun Game MP mode and All for #1 BR gaming

On the other hand, the Gun Game MP mode is for eight players only. The objective is to kill players with the current weapon to advance to the next one.

Players are given a random gun to begin with. For each kill, players get another type of gun.

The game ends once one of the players have finished the rotation and killed another with an Axe – the last weapon.

This mode has been available for some time now.

Meanwhile, with the 20v20 gone in Battle Royale, another BR playing mode takes place – All for #1.

The new BR mode is similar to the Classic; the only difference is players are up against all rank levels. Meaning you might find yourself in an open shootout with a Pro while still at the Rookie-level.

Classified as Campaign mode?

The Call of Duty franchise is well known for its thrilling campaign mode storyline and gameplay. This is also one mode that was missing with its mobile platform.

That may no longer be the case.

On its official website, a new mode is added alongside Multiplayer, and Battle Royale called Classified.

It has a storyline in this mode, but some of the words are blackened.

“There has been a ██████ outbreak at ████████, we are being sent in to eradicate them from the small town of ███████. Prepare yourself and strap as many weapons as you can on your mission, bring your team and don’t get bitten by “████”. Watch out for ████████, it will be waiting for you. I wish you the best of luck, Private █████”

Reading into it, it seems like it’ll revolve around a mission of killing zombie-like enemies. This could be one possible reason why the Loadout-Zombie is still available, considering the Zombie mode has been taken out of the game.

CoD Mobile VP Plummer did say that they’re aiming for a narrative approach starting this season. Stay tuned for Activision’s official release of the Classified.

Images courtesy of Timi Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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