‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ anniversary: Activision let players vote on it

'Call of Duty: Mobile' anniversary: Activision let players vote on it

Call of Duty: Mobile is about to turn one next month. Activision decided to include its avid players on the planning.

Call of Duty: Mobile devs are looking like they took off a page or two from Niantic, in terms of getting its player base involved. As many Pokemon Go players know, Niantic just recently relived their Community Voting poll.

Mojang is returning to the same community activity with its upcoming Mob vote. Activision has seen success with its mobile version of its Call of Duty franchise. Some would say it went beyond as some might have expected.

CoDM devs are very interactive with its player base, most especially on forum websites, such as Reddit.

Map and playlist voting

Season 11 is going to be grand, as it will land on the anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile. 

As part of its planning, they launch a Reddit voting poll over the weekend which ended yesterday, September 27 (PT). There are two things to vote for—the Multiplayer maps and modes.

So far for Maps, Nuketown got the highest votes with 2,800 votes. The newly introduced Shipment turned out as a runner-up with 2,400 votes.

To refresh readers’ memory, Nuketown is the map where a school bus and a big truck is placed in the middle. It’s a great map for 2v2 or 1v1 but it is really a pain for 5v5, most especially on 10v10.

The modes, on the other hand, the newly introduced playlist, 10v10 Domination also emerged as the poll winner with 2,200 votes. Attack of the Undead came in second with 1,800 votes.

Attack of the Undead is quite an interesting playlist. It’s seen as more relevant now, as the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 title might have a similar playlist or a Zombie mode of some sort.

Although, the results of the voting polls have not been announced by Activision yet. It is not sure what made the cut-off yet. The polls only mentioned that the “top mode and top maps (or several from the top of each) will be chosen for next month.

Other Call of Duty: Mobile news

Call of Duty: Mobile is a special platform where fans of the franchise get a chance to play CoD without the need for a gaming laptop with great specs. After the news broke about Activision allegedly leaving Tencent, it was reported that the makers will likely align the mobile platform to its PC/Console title brethren.

There is still an ample amount of time for Season 10—17 days. If Activision plans to relive loved playlists and modes, then there is no need for another set of Public Test Servers.

Per GameRantthe mobile platform’s Battle Royale mode will likely get a night version.


Featured image courtesy of Activision blog

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