‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ celebrates anniversary with a teaser

'Call of Duty: Mobile' celebrates anniversary with a teaser

Activision celebrates the first anniversary of its rising-to-fame mobile game, Call of Duty: Mobile, via a mysterious teaser.

Call of Duty: Mobile turned out to be a very competitive game for the mobile platform. It opened a lot of possibilities for its developers and fans are eager to see what they have in store.

On Thursday, CoDM officially turned one. The gaming community received the game on October 1, 2019, as noted by Dot EsportsThe mobile port of the Call of Duty is a mix of all its past and even current PC/console titles.

This paved the big opportunities for long-time fans without the abled PC or consoles to experience Call of DutyThis is perhaps one of the main reasons why the game became very popular.

Call of Duty: Mobile turns one

Season 11 is still more than a week away. Activision promised that the anniversary celebration will happen after Season 10.

Nonetheless, this did not stop the publisher from celebrating the game’s milestone. On its social media platforms—Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook—Activision unveiled an anniversary teaser.

The Call of Duty makers enticed its player base community to be “HYPE.”

Activision gave a longer celebratory message on Reddit, which reads:

“Today is our 1 year anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile and while we don’t have a season dropping or anything today, we do have much more coming in mid October that is still tied to anniversary.

For now, thank you all for being here, for sharing this with us, and for supporting us and this community through the year! The memes have been stellar, the discussions have been passionate, and the majority of people have always treated us (the community team) and our overall developers with a lot of respect. That isn’t common for video game communities, we’ll do our best to never forget how lucky we are for that reason and for many others that make us love participating here.”

The teaser actually just contained a preview of the game’s anniversary logo floating above the water. The background looks like it still comes from Season 10, but may have more emphasis on water.

What could be seen next season?

Readers should note that Activision did a voting poll on Reddit on fans’ most-favorite MP mode and maps. As to what to do with them for the anniversary season is definitely being kept in tight wraps.

To a point that there will be no public test servers this month.

Meanwhile, players should expect another Halloween-themed event in-game, as reported by GameRantThe game’s official Twitter account replied to one of its fans’ queries and said to check back on Saturday, October 3rd for its Halloween content.

The game’s player base is expected to expand in folds as Dot Esports reports that Call of Duty: Mobile was finally approved in China. Over 46 million Chinese fans have reportedly pre-registered for the game.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty: Mobile/Facebook video screenshot

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