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‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ expanding multiplayer gameplay with 10v10?


Call of Duty: Mobile just continues to expand its gameplay. Recent news has it that the multiplayer mode will have a 10v10 mode.

After expanding its battle royale map, the devs of Call of Duty: Mobile are reportedly going to stretch out the multiplayer mode next.

The second public test build was released this weekend, and it came with more surprises, following the reveal of Gunsmith.

Call of Duty: Mobile 10v10 MP modes

Per Dot Esports, Activision is adding a 10v10 playlist to the mobile game’s Team Deathmatch mode and Domination mode.

Considering how small the maps are on the mobile platform, the multiplayer scene will get more intense, not to mention a bit crowded. With the reveal of this expanded MP gameplay, it also comes with the news of new maps, crossing over to Call of Duty: Mobile.

Based on the chatter within the CoDM community, most especially to those who got a hold of the second public test build apk, the said map is Shipment from Modern Warfare.

For those who don’t play MW, players should know that the 10v10 mode was also introduced with the Shipment map. The last players heard of it was in May, after Activision decided to bring it back, following its original April Fool’s release.

At first, the playlist was called Shipment 24/7, but when it was rei-introduced, it was named Shipment 10v10.

If Activision is indeed taking this route, then it would no longer be a surprise if the devs introduce a 3v3 mode shortly. As Shipment 10v10 was re-released unto the game alongside the 3v3 mode (a knives-only playlist).

10v10 mode is reportedly set to be released in Season 9, which will not be too far along as The Forge is said to end on August 5.

A new BR class coming as well?

Meanwhile, it looks like Smoke Bomber won’t the newbie BR class for long, as reports have it, “Hacker” will be making its debut next season as well.

Of course, the reveal of the Hacker class originated from the public test build as well.

“Ice Pick” is this new BR class’ active skill. It can disrupt the nearby enemies’ minimap. Also, it has the ultimate ability to “neutralize the opponent’s class.” This will be interesting to see how it’ll prevent the EMP drones and Defenders from being used.

Meanwhile, the passive ability of this class is reportedly called “Hard Wire.” This will counter enemies who use the Scout class.

Nevertheless, as all of this information is coming from the beta build, there is always the disclaimer that some of these won’t make it to the final live update. So readers are always advised to take necessary cautions.

Featured image courtesy of Activision blog

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