‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ gets another ‘Modern Warfare 2’ map called Highrise

'Call of Duty: Mobile' gets another 'Modern Warfare 2' map called Highrise

Call of Duty: Mobile just dropped a new map teaser, which is a fan-favorite for those who played Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 had a late start, following Activision’s decision to delay the season premiere for three of its CoD franchise—Warzone, Modern Warfareand Mobile.

Nevertheless, the mobile game is up for an early start with Season 8 as it recently revealed an official teaser for the next map crossover, which is Highrise.

Another map for MW 2

Over the weekend, the official Twitter account for the first-person shooter mobile game dropped an unexpected teaser photo. Those who are familiar with Activision’s CoD franchise were quick to make out what the image was, considering the lighting of what seems like a sunset makes it harder to recognize.

Other fans even replied to the tweet that it took them a few good moments to recognize the fan-fave map, due to the sunset. This could mean that noticeable alterations should be seen once it launches.

Highrise will follow its other map brethren, Scrapyard and Rust, as it enters the mobile platform. The map has a lot of noted features that allow its players to perform “complex trickshots.”

However, it is yet to be known whether or not this will be accessible upon its arrival to Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Why reveal the next Call of Duty: Mobile app this early?

It looks like Activision is beating leakers to it. It has been observed that the gaming giant is trying to fight off leakers by first, not releasing a beta server, and second, by dropping other big announcements bit by bit, as the season plays through the month.

Season 8 leaks have started to emerge online already, even though Season 7 has just started. One of the highly discussed leaks is the Highrise map crossover.

Meanwhile, Dexerto notes that the Highrise map is likely to drop in Modern Warfare as well, following the trail of rumors. Charlie Intel has highlighted that players of MW have been asking Activision to bring the map back.

In other CoDM news, the Gulag map is yet to make its mobile debut. It is reportedly coming late this June. As well as the next class, which is the Smoke Bomber.

Players have recently witnessed the arrival of the latest multiplayer mode—Attack of the Undead. This where one player is chosen at random to be the first undead.

The goal is to turn all the others into the undead.


Featured image courtesy of Activision

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