‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ public test build contains Gunsmith—biggest update yet

'Call of Duty: Mobile' public test build contains Gunsmith—biggest update yet

As Activision promised, the public test build has been rolled out, which contains the biggest update to arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile yet—the Gunsmith.

As Micky News previously reported, Activision has set up a modified Call of Duty: Mobile public test build as Season 8 pans out. The past beta servers always led to non-climatic official reveals, due to leaks.

Props to Activision for looking for a strategic way around this, which still caters there purpose, please its growing community and spark more hype to the mobile game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 public test build

The public test build was released on July 15 (PST) / July 16 (UTC), which can only be accessible to the first 40,000 players that download the apk file first. As of this writing, Activision has updated its Reddit community post, saying that the public test build has now reached full capacity.

Nevertheless, known streamers who got a hold of the apk file, which weighs a whopping 1.7GB, have been generous enough to share gameplay on their respective streaming platforms.

The test date is only until July 23 (PST). Those who were not able to make the cut, not worry though, as Activision is set to release more independent test builds in the weeks to come.

This first one, however, contains the biggest update yet that players will witness soon. The obvious theme of this season, The Forge, was truly placed for a reason.

Players are set to become the blacksmiths of weapons with Gunsmith. Activision also teases this feature as the “huge addition to the core of Call of Duty: Mobile.”

'Call of Duty: Mobile' public test build contains Gunsmith—biggest update yet

What is Gunsmith?

It is how it sounds, Gunsmith will allow players to customize their weapon—like a true blacksmith. The CoDM community is dubbing this new feature as the one that’ll “break” the game.

By break, it doesn’t mean the death of CoDMbut instead, the opposite. Call of Duty: Mobile continues to outshine other mobile battle royale games that came before it. With Gunsmith, it becomes a gamechanger for CoDM. 

Known YouTube streamer, iFerg, excitedly revealed his fascination with Gunsmith, saying there are over 50 customizations made available. As he said, “There’s five different red dots, there’s like, five different grips, there’s like two different variations of grips, and there’s three different laser sights.”

To add, the young streamer notes that players will be getting their very own customizable crosshair (reticles) that was first seen in Black Ops 1. Other customization options will have their skills attached, such as the three different types of laser sights which can add ADS speed and accuracy, or add the hip-fire accuracy.

For those who have been very uneasy using the different scopes such as the holographic and he Acog, that’s about to change with quite a number of variety for each scope.

The biggest update to Call of Duty: Mobile is set to premiere early in August, so players won’t have to wait that long.


Images 1 & 2 courtesy of iFerg/YouTube Screenshot and Call of Duty: Mobile/Twitter

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