‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 11 Anniversary: Party-themed Battle Pass details

'Call of Duty: Mobile' Season 11 Anniversary: Party-themed Battle Pass details

Activision is slowly rolling out its Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update. It is aptly themed as a party as it celebrates its first anniversary.

As recently reported, the Southeast Asia region has already received the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update. Although, the Battle Pass is still slated to arrive on Thursday.

The global Anniversary update is said to arrive tomorrow, October 14, at 5 pm (PT). A recent Reddit community update entails what to expect this celebratory season.

Battle Pass details

This season’s theme is somewhat aligned with the “End of the World.” Instead of making it more of an apocalyptic set-up, Activision decided to throw in a grand “party of a lifetime.”

Moreover, this month’s Battle Pass is party-themed. For its Epic characters:

  • Scylla – Future Vice
  • Reaper – Premium
  • Zero – Nebula
  • Spectre – Pixel Spy

Spectre is actually from the Black Ops franchise. He was a playable character in Black Ops 3 and 4. Meanwhile, Leni “Zero” Vogel is also from Black Ops 4.

Reaper has since been a reoccurring Battle Pass operator since he was introduced in Season 5. Scylla, on the other hand, is not technically a new operator on Call of Duty: MobileInstead, she’s been a premium character that needed to be drawn.

For the Epic weapons, Season 11 Battle Pass will have:

  • QQ9 – Neon Grunge
  • KRM-262 – Point and Click
  • DL Q33 – Neon Burst
  • AK117 – Neon Lotus
  • Fennec – Verdant

In addition, this season’s Legendary Calling Card is Tac Insertion. Also, there’s a new item, which is a Baseball Bat (themed Sinister Slugger). As seen in many of the CoDM content creators, the bat can be used in Battle Royale.

Also, the Battle Pass will kick off the day after the Anniversary update, which is on October 15.

Other Season 11 rewards

Furthermore, the Rank Series is about to reset. This means more rewards are up for grabs, including another free operator. The Rank Series 7 Epic rewards are as follows:

  • Blueprint: Kilo Bolt-Action – Dealer

  • Epic Soldier: T.E.D.D – Where To Sir?

  • Epic Frame: Steeled Frame

  • New Epic Calling Card: High Roller

  • New Epic Charm: Series 7

This season will indeed be party-filled as not is CoDM celebrating its first birthday, it is also celebrating Halloween. That said, players should expect special events, new challenges, and missions with these special themes.

What is yet to be known is what Activision is planning for the previously voted favorite maps and Multiplayer modes. So make sure to stay tuned for more updates!


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty: Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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