‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 11: Everything you need to know

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11: Everything you need to know

The new season for Call of Duty: Mobile is only but a few days away and with the developers deciding against a test server, information was somewhat scarce, but not anymore.

Thanks to Garena, the Call of Duty publisher in Southeast Asia, fans can at least have an idea of what to expect from Call of Duty: Mobile when season 11 arrives. Last month, the game’s developers had decided to forgo a test server. This would mean that they will launch the new season without actual players testing it. This also limits the number of information fans of the game can pass around.

But here’s what is coming, or at least what fans can expect to come when season 11 arrives.

Additions to the Battle Royale

According to Garena through a Facebook post, the battle royale mode could get new additions to the weapons used in the game mode. Developers could throw in the purported “Purifier” weapon.

A new gun mod called “Sleuth” will also enable players to deal more damage to their enemies as well as reveal their locations on the map. Furthermore, a new type of ammo called “Balistic Expert” will help power up special weapons like the Purifier.

Players should also expect new cosmetics as well. This would be both in the soldier skins and the weapon skins. Alongside are changes set to come with the Multiplayer mode with bug fixes being implemented alongside weapon balancing and quality of life improvement.

Below are the early patch notes for the changes that will occur in the Multiplayer system:

  •  A slight increase in the annihilator skill persistence time, projectile speed, bullet sensitivity, War Machine agility;
  • The flash from Transform Shield is replaced by continuous microwave emissions in front of the shield. Deals damage and slow down enemies in range;
  • Increased the speed of throwing a grenade, the range of Thermite’s damage range, flashbang grenade, concussion grenade, and EMP;
  • Reduced trophy system range, range of enemy awareness of Alert perk, and the initial damage range of Molotov;
  • Improved the animation of crouching, and then running;
  • New Death Gestures;
  • Increased QQ9 damage when equipped with 10mm 30-round reload;
  • Reduced recoil and precision control for the AK47;
  • FHJ-18 launcher gun can fire without waiting to lock on to a target;
  • Reduce the explosive radius of the FHJ-18 projectile;
  • Increased the explosive radius of the SMRS projectile;
  • The speed of movement and attack of Shadow Blade skills are slightly reduced.
  • Reduced enemy target locking and cooldown sensitivity.

Call of Duty: Mobile new map and multiplayer game mode

It was confirmed that a new map would be coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. More than that, the said map, called “King,” also hails from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. During the previous seasons, the devs added MW maps to Mobile namely the Gulag in Season 9 and Season 10’s Pine.

A new multiplayer game mode called “Cranked” is also coming. This will be a team deathmatch with a catch. Players don’t just have to kill their enemies, they have to kill at least one every 30 seconds. Failure to do so would result in the player exploding. Each kill, however, would grant a player bonus points.

New weapons

Developers had long teased the arrival of a new killstreak called “Advanced AUV.” And finally, this will arrive when the game enters its 11th season.

Players can also anticipate the NA-45 weapon which many believe to be the first weapon that will deal explosive damage with a second shot. This is among many other unnamed weapons that will arrive when season 11 hits.

A new perk, called “Tactician” will also allow players to equip at least one more type of tactical equipment. And speaking of perks, new perk options such as the use of Akimbo with the Fennec, 5.45 ammo for the AK47, and Large Caliber Ammo for the HVK-30 are set to come on certain weapons.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will arrive on October 14, 2020.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty Mobile


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