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‘Call of Duty Mobile Season 6’ details—Maps, Modes, eSports


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6, labeled Once Upon a Time in Rust, is just released for both Android and iOS and with it are information of what’s to come with the game, including maps, modes, and events.

Set in the Wild West, the new season features maps, modes, and events that are novel to the game. Adding to the fun aspect of the Call of Duty Mobile are additional rewards, too.

New Operator, Weapon, Aesthetic, and Skill

Making for another fresh entry into the game is the new sheriff called Ghost. Along with this cowboy are a slew of other exciting elements, such as weapon skins, new weapons, an Operator skill, and Battle Royale class.

Veteran players of Call of Duty will also see something familiar making its way into the game in the form of a weapon. The Outlaw, which was previously seen in Black Ops 4, is joining the list of tier 12 unlockables.

To the unaware, the Outlaw is a bolt-action sniper rifle that poses lethal damage against receiving enemies.

Players who attained or about to hit tier 25 will see themselves getting the Annihilator. It is a new operator skill that gives players deadly shot using a single bullet.

Giving the game an added layer of aesthetics are the two camos, Bandit and Desert Snake.

Money, Modes, and Rewards

In addition, the game also introduces the game’s in-game currency in the form of Credits. Players who would choose to avail unique contents may do so by using their pre-existing Credits.

Making for a welcomed addition to the list of multiplayer modes are Call of Duty Mobile Season 6’s 1-v-1 Duel and Capture the Gold. 1-v-1 Duel is a gameplay mode that is a Wild West-themed gunfight set in a saloon.

Giving mobile’s established titles a run for their money is Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. Like its competition, it highlights features that are endemic to the genre such as the availability of vehicles, operator selection, and customization.

Players who chose to play regularly every week can accomplish challenges that pay rewards. Even a simple login on a daily basis has its own rewards.

Other Pertinent Info

As the year comes with events, players can enjoy the game’s laid out holiday-themed events in the coming months.

Individuals coming from consoles will find the shift to mobile an easier feat, thanks to the mobile game’s external controller support.

Finally, the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament had just made its launch last April 30, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Call of Duty: Mobile

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