‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 7 adds Gulag? New maps for BR

It’s down to the last few days of Season 6 in Call of Duty: Mobile and alleged leaks are slowly making noise online.

Avid players of the Call of Duty: Mobile witness a massive cross over this season with Ghost and Seraph as Battle Pass operators, and the addition of the Rust map from Modern Warfare.

As the season comes to a close, many are in eager anticipation of what Activision has planned for Season 7. Now that the game devs have shown the community that maps can cross over too, a number of theories have emerged.

No official public test server this time

For Season 6, Activision set out a test server, limited to its first 20,000 lucky users to be able to download it. What happened with this test server, however, it became the ultimate source for leaks.

This is most probably the reason behind, some of the new modes and weapon skins went live a few days—some took a week or two—after the official Season 6 launch. Basically, to keep the good stuff to be leaked prior to launch.

This season, according to the official Activision Reddit community, the Call of Duty makers have no plans “to implement a public test server” for the June release. Apparently, the devs have enough time to do their magic, and releasing a test server for bug reporting purposes will no longer be needed.

Although, Activision did say that avid followers “may still see the test server in other regions, like Garena, but we just ask that you keep in mind any information coming out of that server is not “official” to us until we announce it through these updates, in-game, through press releases, or through our social media channels.”

The alleged third-party test server or a possible Garena test server might actually exist as there are still leaks making a buzz online, claiming that these screenshots came from a “test server.”

New Battle Royale maps including Modern Warfare’s Gulag

Furthermore, Bobbly Plays, a YouTube game streamer, recently uploaded a video that features him playing on a Call of Duty: Mobile test server.

The video highlighted the revamped Battle Royale map and gameplay that’s been the talk of the Call of Duty: Mobile community lately.

Basically, the northern part of the Battle Royale map is new, with new maps such as Shipyard, Black Market, Downtown, and Hospital. It didn’t feature the Gulag map, instead, it was part of the download list.

It could mean that Activision held back on making that map available. This was one of the mistakes that happened with the Rust map, and it looks like Activision is learning from it.

Meanwhile, the streamer did feature one highly notable weapon that is rumored to finally be available in BR—the DL Q33. Also, there’s a new class called Smoke Bomber that produces a mountain full lot of smoke.

Also, a very unusual but also a cool feature that was added is the “vending machine” that apparently produces vehicles for the players.

We’ll learn more next week about how many of these leaks will actually make it to the official update.

Featured image courtesy of David Marin Foto/Shutterstock

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