‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 7 brings Radioactive Agent on June 4

'Call of Duty: Mobile' Season 7 brings Radioactive Agent on June 4

The theme for the next Call of Duty: Mobile season has officially been identified, and it is Radioactive Agent. Season 7 will come a few days later from the usual season release, however.

Activision has been dropping hints for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 throughout the weekend, and it finally confirmed the title for next season.

The new season will, however, be delayed for a few days. During the release of Season 5 Steel Legion, the CoDM VP Chris Plummer promised that a new season would be launched every first day of the month.

Activision disclaimed that the June 4 release is actually still subject to a possible change depending on the circumstances. The official Reddit CoDM community page did say the devs are eyeing somewhere around June 4, but its subsequent tweet reply to a fan confirmed roughly around June 5.

Most likely, Activision will release the new update around June 4 or 5, considering there will be no hindering delay. The Once Upon a Rust size update was worth 1.8GB; with the new maps coming in, players should expect a heavier size update.

What’s to come on Season 7?

As mentioned, Activision has been dropping hints all weekend, and the biggest release for this season is the new maps on Battle Royale. Basically, the northern part of the BR map, that used to be covered, has been unveiled and features seven new locations, which are:

  • Black Market
  • Downtown
  • Frigid Wetland
  • Harbor
  • Heat
  • Sanitarium
  • Ski Town

Also, the rumor that Modern Warfare‘s Gulag map will also be the next CoD franchise crossover—for maps, of course. As Micky News previously reported, a Gulag map was seen as part of the download list in a test server gameplay stream from a YouTuber streamer named Bobby Plays.

Considering the constricted space on this MW map, it is likely to take the same path as Rust in Multiplayer mode. Gulag gives off the aura of that of Cage and Killhouse.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been confirmed by Activision’s new community update. Most probably, it’ll be one of its greatest reveals this June.

CoDM might just introduce its own map

Meanwhile, the CoDM Twitter account posted a snapshot of an unidentified map, that is also set to take place in the Battle Royale arena. Dot Esports reported that Activision would introduce a CoDM exclusive map called Tunisia.

However, the media outlet noted that this might be added to the game’s multiplayer maps, and the tweet teaser mentioned it as a BR expansion. It’s either the map teased is not Tunisia, or it is the CoDM original but not for MP.

Ranked Season revamp

Furthermore, Activision announced that there would be a “New Ranked Mode Season” to be introduced in early this June. Players are advised to keep a lookout for an official social media announcement for the Ranked Modes gameplay details and rewards.

Meanwhile, while players wait for Season 7, Activision aims to end the Season 6 with style, and so there are still two events to watch out for—”Ride Off Into The Sunset” and “Taking The Best Into Sunset.”

The first one is an in-game event focusing on finishing Battle Pass tasks, while the latter is a social media event that features soldier giveaways—Nomad – The Distraction, Zero – Sultana, Police – Sheriff, and Recon – Samurai.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty: Mobile/Twitter

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