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‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 8 arrives, Battle Pass offers 4 operators


Season 8 of Activision’s rising mobile battle royale game, Call of Duty: Mobile, arrives without delay, introducing four new operators for its Battle Pass.

Activision’s success on the Call of Duty: Mobile is partly due to its generosity towards its wildly active fanbase. Not to mention, they also listen to its community, as seen last season with the HBRa3 assault rifle weapon being offered as a rank reward in its multiplayer mode.

But, instead of handing them out for free, they let their players work for it. This is also the case right now, with its Battle Pass sport four new operators, instead of the usual two.

One quick correction to note is this season’s theme, which is The Forge, and not Apocalypse Day, as seen in Garena’s now-deleted Instagram image of Makarov.

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass operators

In the past, Premium Battle Pass holders immediately receive two of the BP-exclusive operators. However, this time around with four new operators being given away, Battle Pass holders will need to work hard to achieve certain tier levels to unlock the operators.

This season’s Battle Pass operators and their corresponding Tier unlock are:

  • Tank Dempsey – Wrecker ( Tier 1)
  • Reaper – The Grinder (Tier 12)
  • Prophet – Dust Bowl (Tier 30)
  • Kreuger – Reaper (Tier 50)

CoDM fans will be happy to have a better look-see of last year’s known CoD villain, Kreuger, as he is now sporting a more military look, compared to last season, where he was covered by the hazmat. Meanwhile, season 5’s Reaper is making a comeback with a mech upgrade.

Aside from the operators, here is a list of other perks that premium Battle Pass holders will receive, as cited in Activision’s official Reddit community page:

  • KN-44 – Living Rust (tier 1)
  • Tank – Wrecked (tier 1)
  • AK117 – Kit Bag (tier 40)
  • Emote – Rage Quit (tier 49)
  • DR-H – Chained (tier 50)
  • Legendary Calling Card – Hot Metal (tier 50)

Aside from all these perks, Activision is giving away a free operator, a Mer 2- Desolate, for players who will purchase any amount of CP.

Juggernaut mode also came to Call of Dutty: Mobile

Lately, the Call of Duty: Warzone realm welcomed the Juggernaut into the gameplay. Its arrival to the mobile platform was received with a bit of a surprise as CoDM is usually equipped with maps and gameplay from the previous CoD franchises.

In fact, most of the maps are from Modern Warfare. Although, synchronization will likely be something that will happen often, starting with the Gulag map, wildly popular in Warzone, coming to the mobile platform before season 7 ended.

Meanwhile, Modern Warfare’s Highrise surprising came immediately. Players are warned, keep themselves from falling off the buildings of the map, because they will die, as seen in its original CoD title.

Featured image courtesy of Activision blog

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