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‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 8 public test build, Smoke Bomber arrives


Activision gives updates on the fast-approaching Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile. A public test build will be launched this time around.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 is down to its last few days and Activision is now starting to hype up the next season. It started with teasing the next map crossover which is Modern Warfare 2‘s Highrise.

A snippet video was just released recently, teasing other upcoming multiplayer maps for next season.

The return of the public test build

For Season 7, Activision opted not to launch a public test build. They reasoned out that the devs have enough time to do the necessary updates, without the need of launching a beta version.

This is not the case for the upcoming season, however. Along with the recent Reddit announcement came with the reveal of a public test build for Season 8.

The excerpt of the announcement reads:

This is a unique one coming a bit earlier than usual and with some exciting new features that we cannot wait to share with the wider playerbase. However, first we want to open it up to a small number of players and the current plan is to release that for you all shortly after our Season 8 launch. We’ve pushed it past the original “early July” estimate in order clear space for the Season 8 release.

Similar to before, the testing build will be a different app to download and will not affect the official and global version of the game. It will still only be available to Android users.

The season 6 test build was actually limited to the first 20,000 players. However, for season 8, there’s no definite number of players mentioned but Activision does promise a “unique” version of the build.

The last testing build was actually one of the biggest sources of leaks. Screenshots of Rust map gameplay flooded the Internet, especially Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Nevertheless, it looks like Activision has finally figured a way around this.

Smoke Bomber class arrives

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Battle Royale class finally goes live on Call of Duty: Mobile. The Smoke Bomber class was one of the big Season 7 reveals but it wasn’t made available on the first few weeks of the season.

Activision might be saving the best for last, as the Smoke Bomber class takes in the concept of a frag grenade but 10x bigger. But, with Smoke Bomber the players will be able to see the enemy visibility even if the smoke is a mountain high.

This can also be used to protect teammates, cover a certain area, or obscure the enemy’s vision. To acquire the Smoke Bomber class, players must complete a series of challenges.

This is also a similar process with last season’s class highlight—the Poltergeist.

Featured image courtesy of Activision blog

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