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‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 9 coming mid-August, everything confirmed so far


The game calendar for Season 8 has been over for a few days now, but still no signs for the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 update.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 could launch at any time now, and its players are eagerly waiting. However, it appears that the devs are keen on not confirming a specific date for release.

Instead, they’ve set a window which is sometime early mid-August, according to the devs’ comment on a Reddit query, screen-capped by Daily Esports.

What’s taking Activision so long to release Season 9?

The first day of each month was supposedly the mark of a new season for Call of Duty: Mobile. However, because of various reasons, delays were met. In June, Activision decided to pull back the release of the new season for all of its Call of Duty franchise in light of the recent protests for Black Lives Matter.

This time, however, it appears that the devs are needing more time to ensure the accuracy of the next big update. There’s been a number of issues looming the hit mobile game lately.

One of which is the desync. Nevertheless, the devs have previously assured its community that they are looking into this issue. Hopefully, it’ll come as a bug fix next season.

Big optimization updates are also set to unveil next season, based on the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 trailer drop that Activision posted on the game’s official Twitter account.

The biggest addition to the mobile gameplay, Gunsmith, is also set launch next season. The devs have not reported hitting snags with the Season 9 development, unlike the Blizzard devs working on Overwatch, who was open about bumping into some issues in their supposed latest update.

Based on the dev’s comment, there is still a lot of work being done, considering how big the update is.

What to expect next season?

Most of the relevant updates have already been revealed by the official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account. Except, of course, for the Season 9 Battle Pass operators, and with the items and guns that come along with it.

So far, Activision has confirmed the crossover of the Shipment 1994 map, along with the 10v10 Multiplayer mode. The Shield Turret Scorestreak is also set in stones, which amps the aggressive play in Multiplayer.

For Battle Royale, the map will expand further as it adds four new locations: Campgrounds, Dormitory, Outpost, and Radar Base. Also, the Gunsmith feature will be made available both in Multiplayer and in Battle Royale.

The opening scene of every Battle Royale match will also get an upgrade. Furthermore, Destination names will be shown when parachuting.

In the meantime, players can catch up with the current season’s Battle Pass.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty: Mobile/Twitter

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