‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’ and ‘Warzone’ gets new operator this week

Call of Duty season 3 is in full swing. Discover all the new updates coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare this week.

During the start of the season, Call of Duty players were promised to receive two additional Operators. The first one was Alex which was exclusive for the game’s battle pass subscribers.

This week, players will be getting the second new Operator: Iskra. In addition to this new feature, a playlist, 3v3 mode and an exclusive weapon blueprint will be added during the update.

New operator

The newest female operator in Call of Duty is Iskra. She is Urzikstan native and a member of the army of Farah, one of the heroes of the campaign.

Iskra is inclined to the Chimera Faction and is hell bent to immobilize the Al-Qatala terrorists. Like every other new operator, she comes with a skin, weapon blueprints, a helicopter skin, a finishing move and more.

Unfortunately, Iskra’s bundle will be available in the in-game store. This means everyone, including those who have purchased a battle pass, will have to spend money to get the new operator.

Iskra will accompany Ronin in the in-game store. He was released in the game a few weeks ago and had similar items as Iskra. According to Infinity Ward, more information about Iskra and her legendary weapons will be revealed later this week.

New bundle

Additionally, a new bundle will also be released to Call of Duty. The Twin Stars bundle features two new weapon blueprints – one for a handgun and the other for an LMG.

Both have copper colors which will gradually lose its color to black. This is an ideal weapon especially for players who love blending in sandy areas such as Rust and Aniyah Incursion.

Return of 2 game modes

Demolition and 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only will also return this week on Call of Duty‘s update.

Demolition is Call of Duty’s most recent objective mode provides the offensive team bombs which they have to use to demolish two locations. On the other hand, 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only mode features a team of three players where their only choice is to stab their enemies to take them down.

In order to be victorious, players will need to fight their way and be the team to first achieve 6 wins.

New playlist

Call of Duty players can now add more variety to their encounters with the new Shoot the Rusty Ship 24/7 playlist. The playlist features Shoot House, Rust and Shipment.

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