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‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone’ Season 3 Battle Pass is Ending


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone is approaching its end as the Battle Pass hits its final week. Now is the last chance for players to progress and unlock what they could.

The Battle Pass has a new operator, Alex, and with all other original weapon blueprints, cosmetics, double XP tokens, and more. Players can gain new tiers through the gameplay or spend real money to buy it. For 10 USD, they can unlock all the 100 levels that this year’s BP has to offer.

Activision teases season 4

Although there is no official release date of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 4, Activision starts teasing players of what’s to come.

The teasers suggest that one of the legendary characters, Captain Price, will appear on the Season 4 Battle Pass. Based on the previous seasons, Season 4 will most likely begin on Wednesday, June 3, as Season 3 officially ends on Tuesday, June 2.

It can be remembered that Infinity Ward proceeded to the next season a day after the previous BP expired. There is also a possibility that the Infinity Ward extends the Season 4.

All the promised content of the road maps of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone have been released, and now fans are giddy to know what’s next. It can be remembered that this season set the new world record of the highest kills in a single game.

Launching of Season 4

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 3 ends, Season 4 will take over. Fans are anticipating new roadmaps, playlists, and more characters.

Unlike the previous seasons, the teasers are limited for the upcoming seasons. Aside from the official teasers from the Infinity Ward of Captain’s Price appearance, no other teasers surfaced online.

But Dataminers came up with new leaks, suggesting that Season 4 will have new weapons in the form of Vector SMG and Galil. Players also discovered a bomb on the map. Theories are circulating on the internet that the bomb will explode and change some parts of the map, though that remains a theory until proven by the upcoming Season 4.

It’s that time of the year for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone as Activision is set to announce the Call of Duty’s game anytime soon.

The cold war is coming

They are rumored to announce their new game title: Black Ops: Cold War through the Warzone game. The abovementioned bomb will reportedly detonate, giving the Call of Duty: Warfare/Warzone map a new Cold War-era look.

Interestingly, if Season 4 is coming this June 4, Activision will announce more teasers, details, and road maps. Until then, players have some time left to unlock weapons for the new era.

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