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‘Call of Duty’ news: ‘Modern Warfare’, ‘Warzone’ big update size discussed


Season 5 is set to arrive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone real soon. As it turns out, the upcoming update will be heavier than the last ones.

The recent Call of Duty news entails quite a hefty update for both Modern Warfare and Warzone as confirmed by the devs themselves. With what’s been hinted for the upcoming season, the players may have already hinted the heavy update.

The heavy Season 5 patch

The production director of Infinity Ward, Paul Haile, took it Twitter to remind the Call of Duty fans how big Season 5 will be.

“hey all – season 5 is coming soon, and its big. with the update we’re including all the new content for the season as well as optimizing our asset packs,” Haile tweets.

Nevertheless, he mentions that the “overall size” of the game on consoles will generally “shrink.” VG 24/7 reports that the upcoming update will optimize the games’ file structure that’ll reduce its general size.

Haile didn’t specifically mention as to how big the upcoming patch update exactly, but if the previous updates are any indication, players might be looking at more than 40GB, as the past season was between 32 GB and 45 GB big, per Gamespot.

One of the biggest complaints players have expressed over the past is how big the game size is that takes up a lot of space in the consoles’ hard drive. Nevertheless, as Haile points out in a subsequent tweet, they are continually working on space reductions for both MW and Warzone.

What should players expect for Season 5?

The hefty size update is likely due to the fact that big changes are set to arrive in the Call of Duty titles. There have been talks about massive map changes. The rumor mill suggests that CoD might follow Fortnite‘s steps by blowing up the current map to introduce a new one.

Meanwhile, Comicbook analyzes tweets from another Infinity Ward director. Joe Cecot, the director for the game’s multiplayer, reportedly had tweet exchange with one of the fans looking into some Season 5 intel.

With Cecot’s response of “I love to inspect these weapon challenges!” was taken as a sign of reference to the inspect weapon feature that might return to the game. The same feature has reportedly been wildly hinted for Season 5.

Furthermore, the media outlet enumerates the details that Activision already confirmed for the Season 5 reveal, which are the “return of Shadow Company from Modern Warfare 2,” and three new related operators. There’s also, of course, the addition of trains, which hints of such have been dropped through video teasers.

Reports have it, the trains will serve as mobile loot drop to those players who will be lucky enough to secure it while in battle. The opening of the Stadium also suggests a big possibility of a new drop zone for Season 5.

Lastly, an array of new weapons are set to make a debut on Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Players will no longer need to speculate for long as the big update is set to be unleashed on August 5.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty/Facebook

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