‘Call of Duty’ officially drops launch trailer for ‘Black Ops Cold War’


There’s no stopping Activision from releasing this year’s iteration of Call of Duty titled Black Ops Cold War as they reveal the game’s official launch trailer.

Call of Duty is easily one of the biggest franchises in gaming today. But with their new Black Ops Cold War, the franchise got even bigger. In fact, the beta alone has already achieved immense popularity becoming the most-downloaded series beta in history.

New Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer

Activision has finally released a new launch trailer for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War title. With Treyarch helming the project, this would be their 8th time working with Activision. More than that, BOCW is also their fifth Black Ops title.

With a change in developers, Modern Warfare players would definitely see a big change in the Call of Duty game. These changes were already featured in the previous gameplay trailer for the game. And now that is out of the way, all that is left is to hype up the community.

The trailer opens with a scene depicting the meeting between U.S. President Ronald Reagan and the game’s protagonist. With the Cold War involving the U.S. and the Soviet Union nearing its peak, the U.S. President was made aware of a major threat to which he wanted to clarify its authenticity.

Adler, a returning character, immediately confirms the threat’s authenticity, and the New Order’s 80’s song “Blue Monday” starts playing.

After a series of explosions, assassinations, and chase scenes, the trailer finally ends with the game’s launch date.

Not convinced

The trailer mainly focuses on the game’s plot as well as its incredible graphics and vehicles. While these may give many fans something to look forward to, there are still those that are left unconvinced by the new title.

Recently, a few notable FPS players had voiced their discontent regarding BOCW‘s gameplay. Dr Disrespect had expressed is disdain for the skill-based matchmaking system of BOCW.

According to him, the game will be much more fun without it. He believes that SBMM will act more as a punishment for high-skilled players. Because the game will match them with higher-skilled players making the game more difficult to win.

Shroud, considered one of the best FPS players out there, is also not a fan of some of the game’s elements. This is especially true for the new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode.

However, their criticisms are not directed to the entirety of the game. As BOCW continues to develop, how far it’s going to go remains to be seen.

Black Ops Cold War is all set for release this coming November 13, 2020.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty

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