‘Call of Duty’ servers down on Memorial Day on all platforms

Activision Support confirms Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone servers are down this Memorial Day leaving players with idle time.

Both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone experienced server issues on Memorial Day. The issue created awkward situations for players who were on holiday and were looking for some game time.

Facing challenges

Both games have already been experiencing problems since last week. Reports from players state that the servers usually go down during peak hours.

Most players were met with a queue when trying to login to the game while others were receiving error messages. Thus, they are forced to wait and try accessing the servers again.

The two games are striving to manage their momentum in the gaming industry full of multiplayer shooting games.

This is why the developers are trying to consistently release Call of Duty updates to polish its gameplay experience for everyone. Both games have handled their massive community pretty well.

Memorial Day hiatus

A few hours into Memorial Day, thousands of Modern Warfare and Warzone players reported that they are having a hard time connecting to the game. Activision has confirmed that the server issues have plagued both games on all platforms and their engineers are looking into it.

The server issues appear to be affecting entire servers which means it is not just a regional problem. This is really bad timing for both titles. Both would have benefitted from numerous players logging in for the Memorial Day long weekend in the United States.

Of course, the number of players simultaneously logging in could have affected the servers going down. Players were also worried that because of the holiday, the developers are likely at home which could prolong the fixing of the server issues.

Bad timing

This is a bad look for Modern Warfare and Warzone since both titles are at the hot seat when it comes to shooting games.

With games like Valorant and Fortnite consistently building momentum, server problems like this one should serve as reminders that games should be consistently polished and assessed.

Almost fixed

Luckily, after just a few hours, the Call of Duty server issues have been resolved and it appears that the servers are back online. However, some players are still experiencing problems such as connecting to multiplayer services.

The most recent update posted by Activision stated that they are already investigating the issue of why some players cannot connect to their online services. The developers stated that they will give an update before Memorial day weekend ends.

Featured image courtesy of The Daily Star/Youtube Screenshot

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